Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three Weeks in Samoa

So this week has been very numerically inneffective but a great week! Elder Christopherson was great to hear from on Tuesday but to be honest I loved hearing from one of the 70 he came with more than him on the Sunday before at a conference for my stake. He talked about 1 Cor.3:2-3. We are walking epistles of Jesus Christ and we need to be asking ourselves what Kind of message we're sending to everyone around us every day. What I add to that is that the message we show those closest to us during the day matters more than the people outside of our home. If I was grumpy and allowed my self to react to my Companions blatant honesty in a rude way at any point in our companionship we would lose the spirit of the Lord and as D&C says, "Shall not teach". So my invitation from his words through my testimony to you is to be conscious of the message you send to our family. Are you delighted to be with them, even when its hard? Do you really want to know about how they are on the inside? Do you care about what they did and didn't do at school? Do you really want them to follow the prophets? My favorite and I know is the most important because its the first step in conversion: Do you love the Book of Mormon, and want more than anything for them to love the Book too? There's powerful truth hidden inside of those questions, especially when thought about as you read the BOM and as you talk with us, your children. I know this works because its what I get to do all day. Do I really want these Samoan people to read and pray? Do I really believe in the lessons I'm teaching? YES. That will be a yes every day I am here because The first step to answering those questions is love. Love for God, and then love for His children, and I at least have that much love. Check out 2nephi 31:20. I know that this gospel can change lives because it has at least changed mine and that of my family. So be sure that when you are converted you give back to where that conversion first started; within the walls of your home as a child. There is no wonder why Father puts us in eternal family units. It's because He knows how to stimulate an eternal "yes" to any of those questions. Within the homes to where He sends each of His beloved children. I know this to be true mommy Jones. 

By the way my zone went to Manono tai this week and part of my heart was filled with more of Samoa! :) We were painting a school there to help the people get more familiar with the Missionaries. Just more proof that Heavenly Father really does gather his children on the "isles of the sea". I love missionary work mommy Jones! I don't want to go home for at least the next 22 months! Be sure you know that I love you though, okay?

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