Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22nd

So yeah those two hooligans are who I'm with and the other picture is our district meeting with President on the beach right across from the chapel in Nuumau. It was amazing and such a powerful meeting. It was also the day that the transfer happened right after our interviews and our closing prayer he called out the changes. Elder Alaga is leaving today or tomorrow to tutuila and Elder Allen and I will be here in letogo. So far all is going well in the area the people are stoked to have missionaries since there have been none for a bout 4 months and they're especially to happy to have a palagi they keep telling me because I guess the samoan elders from before weren't doing things they should... I'm excited its a pretty big area and ots of hills which I'm happy about because its like a nice little physical challenge each day which is awesome! I'm praying for some nice calves after a couple months here. ;) 

I'm really having fun with these 2. I am learning a lot about patience because I feel like a babysitter at times with these 2 elders, they're being humble but just forgetting or not caring about simple rules at times and then I have to say somehting and always be the mean guy. ;) They respect me for it htough and I'm learning a lot from it. I do it because God needs us to do miracles for this area and these people. Disobedience just blcoks his power. WHen WE got here to our house though oh my goodness it was horrible. WE got here at about 12 and we (Me) were cleaning till about 8. it was insane! Its not even done, I'm just waiting for the 3rd elder to get transferred to get really settled in and organized and all clean but right now its testing my patience. ;) Thanks for teaching me how to clean though. :) Its been a huge blessing to me on the mission but man i wish Samoans actually cared about cleanliness because I have to clean up after these two hooligans too much. It reminds me of you a lot and probably how you felt towards me and us all those times in my closet and what not... Sorry mommy Jones... I promise I'll always clean up after myself from now on. 
But yeah so now Elder Mendenhall is in Solosolo with Elder Ligaliga and he seems to enjoying it over there. 
Thanks for all the pictures of everyone I sure do miss you guys but I'm so glad to be here so that I can be even more of a blessing to you all when I get home. :) I love you ton and man each week I get on here and jsut see how much God is taking care of you all. My heart breaks a little more each time and I just know that much more that God deserves all of me. Meaning all of my agency so he can do his work... Pray for me to get out of his way and to always remember my purpose with no fear, laziness or slothfulness. 
Do you guys have any thoughts about the invitation I gave you though? I didn't hear a thing about that. IT fits perfectly with Cydney's new calling as well. seriously think about it there's nothing sweeter than this work mommy Jones I know it. :) 
I love love love you mommy. :) 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 1st a new year a new companion lol

I'm pretty shocked that its the ending year already... I don't want it to be but I do all at the same time. Saving souls is the besst! ;) Wait really? greenies training? I realize now that president does that to build confidnece and to boost language abilities. If new missionaries are paired with people who can speak its hard for them to learn but if they are a trainer they are the only one who can speak so they have to and then they really start praying and working for miracles to help them so thay can accomplish Gods work. Really I love it! President is a genius. :) This week was awesome though, Elder Johnson got transferred backside unfortunately to Lefaga but I'm here with Elder Mendenhall now. He's the coolest! He's a goofy elder but I like him, so do the kids at our house so thats how you know hes a great guy the kids like him. :) He's from Utah, has about 8 months left and We're blowing it up together. But yeah... thats the week I guess. 

OH YEAH!@! Petelo and Matauaina got baptized and confirmed this week. It was so cool! Plus this guy who knows petelo was like hey he chaged a ton since you guys started teaching him, and I asked him why and he said to talk to you two" So now we're going to start his lessons tonight and set him on date for a baptism this month along with Petelo's wife and hpefull that other family of Soo and all her boys will accept the invitation, they need to. So yeah Everyting is just great. Plus I got to go to Fagaloa this week to drop off some other elders and that place is Gorgeous! Its just a huge bay!!! Its beautigul and its where Elder Ligaliga started for his fisrt 9 months. So yeah thats all... 
Love AY!

Merry Christmas

For Christmas Robert Sent home a IE for each of us and  2 sd cards full of photos so since the email was short due to the Video call I thought I would share some  photos

Samatau Bananas are huge

Elder Sewell, Elder Allen and Elder Jones

These are the shoes that were wearing out 4 months into his mission and he set a goal to make them last a year. He still has them as of a few emails ago .

Elder Ligalig , Elder Vest and Elder Jones