Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23

This is us last night making a Samoan oven with breadfruit. the other one is a man Named Franky who has completely changed! He's the only non member in his family and finally accepted baptism at the beginning of this month and we've been working ever since. He's reading through the book of Mormon finally now that he got to download it on his phone but before that we would always get on his case for not reading but now he's loving it and its filling him and his family with blessings.
Also for the week God made a miracle happen in Aoloau and Aasu. He changed the direction of the work. before we were the ones leading and trying to drag along the members but now after our branch meeting we were able to get that turned around and change places with the stake and branch leaders so now the work is flying. It'll be a ward in no time. 
Honestly I didn't want to come here when we were in aunuu because when Damuni and I were here before they just needed to get their home and visiting and leadership strengthened. Their members were just weak so that's why it was so hard for the last 4 weeks but now that we got to be here I;ve learned so much as we struggled through the first 4 weeks it finally clicked all thanks to God and continued revelation personally and from leaders. God is the greatest! That's basically the week though. Its been a blast. :) 
Love you mommy Jones and the homies! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 16

So I got the package and the cinnamon rolls were all moldy but we used the frosting drizzle stuff for the muffins you sent from way back when that I just now finally used this morning for B-fast at a members house. It was great. But we'll just have to do some baking when I get home. I'm not really that good anymore which is disappointing but I guess all I'm good for is traching in Samoan and baptizing people. But hey that'll be fine for a but longer. :) 
Super glad you found your packet. Now when I get back we can go and save our ancestors!!! :) Schwenke will be so proud of us mommy Jones! :) 
As far as the week and the things we did we made a lot of progress for the week in getting on the same page with the branch and the stake because it seemed to be for the last 3 weeks they were all just waiting on us to tell them what to do and how to share the gospel which we're happy to do but its not the way that it should be with only a six week program. so we had a bunch of meetings and we invited a lot of leaders to repent and get moving on their quorums and classes so now the work is actually going to start moving the way it should. We should be going out with the elders quorum president every evening to work on the foundation of this ward, aka the Priesthood brethren. there are so many men ready they just haven't been given callings or invitations to make their priesthood and worthiness important to them.
Its gonna be a close one because really no one is moving the way they should every one says their waiting on someone else and I just keep thinking the church isn't about waiting its about doing... frustrating but I'm learning a lot about how the church is run and seeing the importance of having good leadership and many other things but that's the week. Sister Silao gave us some nice thick blankets so the weather doesn't really bug us anymore. plus I think we're getting used to it. The cold is because were on top of the mountain and it rains 75% of the time and the other 25% its cloud cover. Its pretty great though because its not just blazing hot. Very grateful.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Pictures from the last couple weeks

August 2nd
Today we don't have much going on but we all have to use one computer up here in oloau so the time is kind of fast. today is elder Coggin's last day... its all up to him today. Aoloau is going well, we're just trying to stay effective and focused on the most important thing which is getting people to church on Sunday by using the ward every single day every step of the way. Its going really well though. I miss Damuni a lot though! :)

August 9
As far as the week and what happened... we were soooooo flipping cold!!!! It was ridiculous!!!!! I have a cold because of it and really all of us do except for Vaa sioka. The sisters last night came by after one of there visits at like 7:30 after sun-down and they were shivering... I felt so bad!!! I just pictured Cydney and Cienna and Lindsay and Carlie and you and wanted to just go in my cars trunk to grab a hoodie for them, or just pull one out of my bag like I would always have in the winter.... It was kind of hard to watch. so instead I just told them to go home and wrap up in blankets and do gafa for the rest of the night. so they did thankfully... They also had food poisoning or something i guess. thats what they said.. upset stomachs all day long and through all night long before... But they're better now as far as i know. But the work side of the week has been good.
 But we're living with the branch president so we push on him daily. Just pray for these people mommy Jones. only 3 weeks left and the work isn't moving fast enough.
But I'm learning a lot and loving the work. Love that theres only 4 months left out here and then I get to go and live the gospel! :) 
Love you mommy Jones.

Yes I know there are no pictures. The blog isn't letting me add them but I hope to overcome this tribulation and add them later so stay tuned. lol