Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 21st

These are excerpts from Robert today. We ended up just sending some questions back and forth so its a
little disjointed for you all reading this but one of my goals is to save this info for Elder Jones when he comes home so we can talk about all the things we don't have time to talk about one hour a week. So sorry if its weird.

The last 3 weeks has been a blast and I feel like speaking wise I've taken a leap because all day long I have to keep them on the same page. Elder Allen has pretty darn good english but not fluent and Elder Sewell is still struggling with the Samoan so I'm gateway to everything we do. Its been really fun though because they're both just hilarious. What specifically do you want to know though? We've had like 4 baptisms this month have 4 marriages to do this week and then a baptisms as well and then the first week of September will be a total of 5 Baptisms I think unless God puts anyone else in our path before then. ?Busy busy busy is the story but its really fun. Any specific questions? I'm in for a chat. PS I finished the SD card last night with a video of a speech Elder Allen put on. a Samoan speech. Its pretty sweet. I'll have it in the mail this week for you all. :)

So Elder Allen Came because Elder Murray got transferred to Tutuila to be a ZL and then I got his comapnion along with becoming the new DL. SO I'm training the both of them and leading the District as of 3 weeks ago... I don't understand the second question... SO the letters I have not stopped writing but The business has increased like 3 fold since I've been in Lalovi so I seldom make it to bed on time therefore I do my journal and skip the letters. I'm super sorry but I'm just aiming to get some sleep each night. 11:30 or 12 is my average time I make it to bed. But I still do wirte here and there at night when I get a chance.
I tried the wifi but it  didn't work out... No we weren't in a parade at all. I don't know when he was. Probably on the backside because up front they just had a big party at the church. Backside of the island...

Well its a bit difficult due to the language but it sure is teaching me a lot. Elder Allen is a native from Fusi Safata on the backside of the island. If I ever get to serve in the office I think there is wifi there but I don't know we'll see. 3 days to close that thing!?!?! Thats pretty crazy!! I'd probably be worse because I odn't know how to use phones anymoe... At least buttonless ones... ;) ANy other questions?
No news on the debit card.
Lalovi ward stake amd windows vista alcatel onetouch sharp 12digit 2 color printer. ;) Not a cereal box but all the gadgets and doodads over here in the clerks office. ;) My time is up though mommy so know that I flipping love the crap out of you guys and I'm praying for you like all time! THanks for all the love and support. 
Love Elder Jones

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Exerpt from June 21 Letter

Ia, 'ou te fia tusitusi atu i le gagana o lo'u loto. le fa'asamoa. E olioli pea a'u e tautalaina i lenei gagana auā.  E i ai tele o aso e faigatā ona. e le mafai ono 'ou malamalama so'o se mea. 'Ae 'ou te iloa ma 'ou te mautinoa pe afai. e fa'amoemoe a'u i le alofagia a le atua ia te a'u, e lē i ai so'o se vaega lava ou te popole ai. E tutusa lelei ma le tusi o Salamo 23:1 "O Ieova, o lo'u leoleo mamoe o ia, leai se mea ou te mativa ai" Tinā ou te tusitusia atu i le fa'atumuina o lo'u loto ma ie alofa, atoa ma le mana  o la'u moli mau, ma ou te faapea atu; Faafetai lava mo taimi uma e te talosia i le atua, Ia e tausi la'u tama tama, 'ou te faailoa atu, o lo'o manuia lou tama tama auā o ia lava lea e galulue i le afioaga ma le malamalama a iesu ma le atua. 'ou te talosia atu, faamoemoe i le atua ma le lē Aunoa.

Google Translation.

Well, I'd like to write in the language of my heart. Samoan. You enjoy myself spoken this language for. There are many days with difficulty. may be I understand anything. But I know and I'm sure if. I hope the favor of the gods to me, not in any part I was worried about. Similarly, the book of Psalms 23: 1 "The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want" Mother, I write to fill my heart with the love and the power of my testimony, and I would say; Thank you for always praying to God, to keep my son, and I will show, the success of your son for the same work in the presence and knowledge of Jesus and the gods. I pray that hope in God and regularly.

I feel like it kinda got the meaning but I guess I will just save this here till Elder Jones comes home to translate. On a side note I recognize a lot of the words from my study of Samoan. yeah!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 14th

Well me and sewell AKA Boss Hog Outlaw is now me an sewell plus Allen the Samoan from Fusi Safata. We're having a blast! I'm now the district leader over here in the Upolu west stake so thats cool. We three cover half .the stake together 3 large wards and a branch. Meaning we're always on bikes just sweating ourselves to death all day long and my collars have never been dirtier all my mission and trust me I know because I hand wash them every week. ;) So yeah all is good. Especially because Sewell is the kind of MAN who loves to get dirty. Elder Allen has really good english which is a huge blessing because him and sewell don't need me to be there to translate all the time. 
So we asked him some questions about his companions and told him he was really rocking the mission and that pretty soon Samoa would be mormon and then he could come back to the mainland and this was his reply:
I'm not coming back mom!! I;ve already got a piece of land and with that 20 dollars carla sent me for my B-day I hired some Samoan dudes to build me a nice little beach front house for my grandkids to vacation with me in some day. ;) 

and then

Yeah it should be done in like a week or two. samoans are pretty quick unless the sun is out or its raining then they just sleep. ;) So pray that all goes well. 

This Cracks me up. Love that Boy!!