Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 14th

Well me and sewell AKA Boss Hog Outlaw is now me an sewell plus Allen the Samoan from Fusi Safata. We're having a blast! I'm now the district leader over here in the Upolu west stake so thats cool. We three cover half .the stake together 3 large wards and a branch. Meaning we're always on bikes just sweating ourselves to death all day long and my collars have never been dirtier all my mission and trust me I know because I hand wash them every week. ;) So yeah all is good. Especially because Sewell is the kind of MAN who loves to get dirty. Elder Allen has really good english which is a huge blessing because him and sewell don't need me to be there to translate all the time. 
So we asked him some questions about his companions and told him he was really rocking the mission and that pretty soon Samoa would be mormon and then he could come back to the mainland and this was his reply:
I'm not coming back mom!! I;ve already got a piece of land and with that 20 dollars carla sent me for my B-day I hired some Samoan dudes to build me a nice little beach front house for my grandkids to vacation with me in some day. ;) 

and then

Yeah it should be done in like a week or two. samoans are pretty quick unless the sun is out or its raining then they just sleep. ;) So pray that all goes well. 

This Cracks me up. Love that Boy!!

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