Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31st

So sorry about the shortness of emails this week but I had 14 to start with so I had a struggle trying to get them all. But This week was awesome!
WE had this double baptisms this weekend with a 27 year old guy names Ioane and then a 17 year old who I have an envisionment of him serving in Arizona like 3 years from now for his mission and I will spoil the crap out of him!!!! I may make it hard form him to do the work though but thats okay He'll know how much I love him. It was cool weekend! The week on the other hand was just busy busy busy due to lessons and lessons and more lessons to teach. But that was the fun stuff all week because teaching in samoan is pretty fun and especially being called to call people to repentance. Its terrifying and hard but man oh man does it feel good when WE do it Gods way through the spirit of Prophecy and the spirit of revelation. Its so cool! We've got a lot of people we just have to bold with and that's really just the way to treat samoans when it comes to conversion into the Church of Christ because because the Culture is such a big interference with things that we can't do much less than just tell them straight! :) Stressfull but its all about living according to the code of the priesthood. Its the only way. Reproving be times with sharpness but then having a increase of love fr them. Its the way to go. 
We also got yelled at by our bishop for subbing for a seminary class one afternoon last week that never actually happened because none of the class showed up... It was weird and now the issue is all solved but He just told us that's not our work to be doing and that He is our authority so we just listen to what he says and we do it... Just go and preach he says. I like the last part he said because its the most true. It sounds pretty weird because it is but its really funny and a lot of other emotions at times while working with Samoan church leaders but I do enjoy it and God is just teaching us tons through them. I'm just glad that I've got elder Sewell as my backbone because this Guy is just bold and doesn't play around when someone is in the wrong. Its made me glad that he's not fluent in Samoan because He might of caused a ruckus here and there but the funny thing is he would have been right. I love it. 
So long story short mommy Jones is that I'm great. The work is progressing and Elder Sewell and I are having a great time together. 
PLUS!!!!! elder Redd says Hi!!! I love ya mommmy Jones!
Love your son!!!!!!
 Elder Jones

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