Sunday, July 3, 2016

4th of July in Samoa

Well this week was pretty interesting but very fast and very enjoyable! :) We didn't get to do much work to be honest but we had a fun adventure I feel. I really appreciated the way that God taught me even though we didn't get to do much work in our area.
So my comapnion, Elder Sewell has been struggling health wise since he got here. almost every day he's ahd some kind of illness or pain but this week was what seemed to be the peak of it all. He wasn't feeling good at all on wednesday so we stayed in and rested a bunch and then Thursday morning He woke up worse and we ended up taking a taxi into the mission office to deal with him there. He wasn't like tragically ill or something but he wasn't getting anybetter with the situation we were in at our house way over here in Lalovi so we got to go kick it in the office for a night and he got heaps better. It was a blast to be honest. For me it was like a mini vacation especially because when we got there I met the package you had sent and the other one with the USB and adapter thingy, Plus on top of that all the Senior couples who were taking care of my soa and I SPOILED THE CRAP OUT OF US. THey gave us so much food that is so foreign to get here in Samoa like the pizza you have a picture of now. It was very realxing and like a spa trip or something for me but all the while my soa was pretty delirious and just trying to overcome whatever Samoa had done to him. Then he got better real quick and we made it back home but still have basically just rested all week to make sure his illness is just gone completely because we have a lot of work to attend to. The area is huge, we have a lot of member support, and there are plenty of people waiting for us in the area. 
ANyhow all is well. Today for our P-day we made the chocolate chip muffins you sent me which were awesome! THnaks a ton for that! We're still trying to find something to blow up tongiht but we can't really think of anything that might be explosive here in Samoa so we're still open to ideas if you have any, We've still got one more 4th left on our missions and I personally plan on going out with a bang! :) 
Also A little side note about rihgt now. In other words this is live news. Our Ward mission leader is sleeping on the floor behind us as we email because He loves the AC in the bishops office where we use the computer so he came by for a nice 2 hour nap. :) He's a great guy! His name is Fatu and he's been a huge help to us. Its things like this though just remind me how weird I'll be when I get home because him being here and just things like this in general are pretty normal... A ward mission leader from a different area spent the night at our house when I was in Tuanai. Weird stuff but it was all just the easiest way to get the service done that we had planned for that day. I love it here in Samoa and Heavenly Father really teaches me in the coolest ways and especially in the office this week. But you'll have to wait for that story in the journal entry letters I send you. But anyways this place is a miracle to me. I love it here. :) 
Elder Jones


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