Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18

Hey mommy so sorry about this but I've gotta go because we're going to learn how to wweave a hat out of a palm leaf in lke 5 minutes. But I am working on a very special something for you this month and everyone else so I promise that will make up for this lame email and alot of others. THis week has been great we got a ton of work done and found another girl who wants to be baptized this week so Saturday we'll be opening the heavens for this sweet girl named iva. I love youa ton, thanks for all the love in the emails and I'll be more careful with what pictures I take but I just want to remember these things when I'm old and gray! :) I'll have another SD Card shortly headed your way.
Love Elder Jones!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Stake conference

The stake conference this weekend was the coolest!! Way better than the first one I attended in Tuanai. The Floral arrangements were AWesOME as you can see in that picture I forwarded to you from the Mcbrides. But really this weekend while attending the conference was a very spiritual weekend for me . Not that I got all kinds of fires started inside my heart but I was given a lot of revelation while listening to and watching the careful preparation and prayers that went into every selected speaker and their topics. I especially loved how much the stake president did personally to bless his stake. Theres been a bit of a rough relationship between the mission and this stake which has tainted my thoughts about the stake and the lear=ders but this weekend has really humbled me and showed me a lot. I gained a lot of love for this stake over this last weekend and I just want to do everything I can to help them out especially with all the stake goals and things. I just want the work to take off here and I want to do all that I can to help it! :) 
Thats like the best part of the week oh and we found 3 new investigators who all want to be baptized so thats pretty legit! ;) God makes things so easy for us if we just do it all his way. :) 

Some of my favorites from the SD card we got Friday

Sunday, September 4, 2016

So this week was crazy!!! Elder Sewell almost died! Wanna hear about it?

So this week was crazy!!! Elder Sewell almost died! Wanna hear about it?
 SO last monday the reason we didn't get to email is due to Elder Seewells back pain that was due to a fall from like 2 weeks ago where he tweaked his back and it just progressively got worse till monday he decided to call it in to the office. President just said Go to the emergency room so we sure as heck did and it was a long long time we waited there with all these funny Samoan people around. ;) It wasn't the nicest hospital I've ever seen but it was admiarable for Samoa. He ended up getting a shot in the but and some pain meds with a prescritpion to just lay down ALL WEEK LONG... So that was the week... until... ;)
So we were both just taking it Easy on tueseday and wednesday as well just going to fafaga each night to get a little less housy all the time... ;) He decided on Wednesday night that he would fast to see if he could get God to take away the back pain so we could get back to work only to wake up the very next morn with a horrible stomach sickness. His body wouldn't accept any food or drink. So then we got to go to the hospital again and meet the new nurse in the mission as well. It was crazy and nuts he got more meds and we just kind of stayed home all week trying not to get stir crazy but he's all better now. Thats how he almost died. Sorry the some elders from our district came by to pick up some supplies they needed. ;)
 Oh no Elder Allen actually Got transfered to Savaii nad he cried the night we got transfer calls. WE miss him but it is nice just being us again and being back in our groove of things. He's doing great over there though. I'm still the DL and the District got all switched up again but all is well besides the church leaders. They're a bit on the complaining side when it comes to how president Hanneman runs the mission because its so different from what they were used too.