Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31st

So sorry about the shortness of emails this week but I had 14 to start with so I had a struggle trying to get them all. But This week was awesome!
WE had this double baptisms this weekend with a 27 year old guy names Ioane and then a 17 year old who I have an envisionment of him serving in Arizona like 3 years from now for his mission and I will spoil the crap out of him!!!! I may make it hard form him to do the work though but thats okay He'll know how much I love him. It was cool weekend! The week on the other hand was just busy busy busy due to lessons and lessons and more lessons to teach. But that was the fun stuff all week because teaching in samoan is pretty fun and especially being called to call people to repentance. Its terrifying and hard but man oh man does it feel good when WE do it Gods way through the spirit of Prophecy and the spirit of revelation. Its so cool! We've got a lot of people we just have to bold with and that's really just the way to treat samoans when it comes to conversion into the Church of Christ because because the Culture is such a big interference with things that we can't do much less than just tell them straight! :) Stressfull but its all about living according to the code of the priesthood. Its the only way. Reproving be times with sharpness but then having a increase of love fr them. Its the way to go. 
We also got yelled at by our bishop for subbing for a seminary class one afternoon last week that never actually happened because none of the class showed up... It was weird and now the issue is all solved but He just told us that's not our work to be doing and that He is our authority so we just listen to what he says and we do it... Just go and preach he says. I like the last part he said because its the most true. It sounds pretty weird because it is but its really funny and a lot of other emotions at times while working with Samoan church leaders but I do enjoy it and God is just teaching us tons through them. I'm just glad that I've got elder Sewell as my backbone because this Guy is just bold and doesn't play around when someone is in the wrong. Its made me glad that he's not fluent in Samoan because He might of caused a ruckus here and there but the funny thing is he would have been right. I love it. 
So long story short mommy Jones is that I'm great. The work is progressing and Elder Sewell and I are having a great time together. 
PLUS!!!!! elder Redd says Hi!!! I love ya mommmy Jones!
Love your son!!!!!!
 Elder Jones

Bro and sister Flake come to visit and bring Salsa and chocolate

July 24th

SO this week was crazy crazy crazy busy mommy Jones! WE had a baptism to prepare for that was for a sweet little girl named meafou and alsowe have 2 more coming up this week and then in the next month we have 2 couple trying to get married so they can e baptized... Plus a couple other people who very well could be baptized next month as well. Long story short its flipping busy oover here in Lalovi! BUt it is a ton of fun and I'm still just amazed at how many people God has had waiting for us here in Lalovi, For me and Elder Sewell the village white dudes. I'd say village idiots but we have to be able to speak to be an idiot. ;)
We're having a great time though. 
THe work over here is a TON different from america and everything we do has to go thorugh like a Samoan islands filter... Its hard to explain but like its mostly because of the culture. You know how the lamanites are just under the sin blanket of the traditions of their fathers? Well thats basically exactly how Samoa is and as an Elder over here we've just gotta wade thorugh it. Elder Sewell and I and even every companionship we've talked about how nice it would be to serve in america where the ward does this, and the people do this, and the bishop does that, etc... But really we just have to wade thorugh the spiritual high and lows of Samoa. Its pretty flipping weird at times to be honest and a lot of times I don't feel like a missionary should but then I just think back to all the really lame times for the BOM Elders and I just say hey! I did that smae thing! :) SO the work is a rollercoaster and the weirdest part/coolest part is how There is no such thing as Aethiest. Everyone who lives in Samoa knows and lives by one God. THe problem is is that the Religion and Culture are so intertwined that members think cultural things are still supported by the church but they aren't so it causes issues. anyways though the coolest part is that because everyone is Christian everyone is welcome to us and all are open to baptism. ITs really a big problem though because baprtism is just a thing you do so that you're allowed to go that church when you're here in Samoa its not a life altering hting. The biggest struggle of my mission is trying to discern who is a real convert because the Samoans and their culture just keep me guessing. So yeah thats the work. I love it! :) I just wish it was less confusing but it keeps me humble too. :) 

Sewell is great! He's a hilarious little turd! I really enjoy the way we do things but above all what I like about him is He's bold. Thats what I realized this week finally. He's a bold little sucker and doesn't give a care in the world about it. The gospel is the gospel the doctrine is the doctrine and there is one way to heaven, saving ordinances so we'll lay it out really simply for you and all you ahve to do is ust keep stepping. Hes super blunt. I just wish he was fluent already so that in lessons he could just be as bold as he is with me while doing role plays. :) I love this Elder! I assume Gods lesson to me through this comapnion is at least that. Kimball was change, Redd was Be humble, And Afuvai was love with understanding, so now that I've gotten all soft and mushy God needs me to get some more fire like abinadi. Of course it took me this long into this area to realize it though even thoguyh in the day of my trio with Fifita and Tautuaa the day before I got sewell God told me to be like Abinadi in this area. Or maybe he just was telling me that I was going to get an Abinadi to train... Either way I love Elder Sewell and I'm just praying that as we take on the first 3 months of his mission I do it the way that God wants me to and we both learn what He needs us to. 

I don't remember who elder Cuter is but I hope you don't mean Elder Redd because He's not done!?!?!? 

All those random Samoans are people I tell about you. One is the daughter of the BIshops counselor, and another is one of our investigators who wants to remember us and keep in touch after the mission. I'd just give them my name to look up on facebook but there are a million Robert Joness on Facebook but only 1 Leilani Steele Jones so its true when I say your the best because you're literally 1 in like 7 billion people on Facebook. So please just accept them and then ask them this question; "E te silafia Elder Jones? O a`u o lona tina Leilani." Then just send them to your friends list to friend me so when I get home I can keep in touch with all these people through Facebook. I will miss them so many! Pretty pretty please. 
ANywho I love ya a ton! HAve a great week and be safe out there in record heat! :) I love you guys! Especially mom

Sunday, July 17, 2016

So What kind of questions do you have for me?

Me -What was it like when the flakes came? How did they find you? What is your area like? Where do the third wheels stay when they join you? Do you have 3 fala ?

Robert- The flakes were riding around with the Schaeffermeyers and ran into the three of us on the road while we were walking to fafaga. It was a delightful little carepackage. SUper good. They all jsut pulled over and we chatted for like 5 ish minutes then they got in the car and left after like 2 pictures I think.

Me -Is Elder Murry still the zl? When did you take that group photo with those 7 elders? Are you safe and happy? Are your clothes ok? Shoes dead yet?

Robert - No murray isn't anymore. Its Iakopo and a Samoan named VAeai. :) I love them! THats at our service project we did in Falelatai. I am very very safe and Extremely happy like all the time because I'm in the land of the happy people of the Pacific. Plus I'm just a hppy person in general and you know that. :) My clothes are solid and trucking along. My shoes are still holding up surpisingly and thats another miracle to me. 7 months out of these bad boys. Then I just wear the other pair for like sundays and meeting thats basically it... but yeah all is well. I will need a black belt for those black shoes you sent though right

Me- What is it like when you send pictures is it hard does it take long times? It seems like it in lalovi

Robert- YEah it takes heaps of time and then It slows the internet WWAAAAAAYYYYY down to where it won't wor anymore and then I don't even get to chat with you. My plan though is to send home the SD cards for you guys because I have the mass storage as a back up just in case the mail system proves untrustworthy. So I might  just stop trying to do pictures so much till a new area but I'll let you all know hwne I finsih the SD card and throw it in the mail. :) So yea its a bummer.

Me- Oh shoot I was trying so hard not to send a package 4 weeks in a row. Just cause shipping rate is ridiculous. Wait one minute your shoes are tan.

SWEEEEEEETTTT that fits perfectly then. No worries I have no need for a black belt then especially since I never took Karate. :) Times pretty much up though. I've only got 2 fala though and we just put the third wheels on the floor and squeeze them into our little table for studies. :) Its really a fun time. we miss Elder Murray tons! I love ya Mommy Jones and Cienna Jones, and Cydney Jones, And Lindsay Jones and Collin Jones, and Tucker Jones, and Carlie Jones, and Daddy jones.
Ps the mission ran out of Samoan planners so they had Tongan ones shipped in because the others weren't able to get  here fast enough or something. The next six weeks will be in tongan... ;) I don't like it but oh well. tongan is like the Russian of the pacific and Samoan is like french or italian. Its just flowy and pretty. ;)
Me- You can read tongan?
Robert- Read but not speak or understand.... All planners are set up the same though
Me- That's funny. I'll add it to the list of talents you have though. Lol
Robert- Im not really sure what to write again. We were in a trio with Elder Murray till Thursday while he waited for his new trainee/ son. We had a blast with Him especially because He was my first ZL. 
This week we also did a district service project and de-lavarocked a lava rock infested garden area. It was pretty sweet and just more proof that Samoans are super human beings. THye're so flipping strong! Just stupid strong!!!! 

Me-How do you get lava rock infested? Doesn't that involve hot rock? I haven't heard of any erruptions
WEll the whole island has lava rock all over it so theres lava rock all over the place in fact thats why theres hardly any beaches in Samoa but especially upolu because its all jsut Lava rock. So everyone usses them as house foundations, and walls for things. Taeipo from my last area. Her parents had some dumped into the ocean in Tuanai and then dirt and then they built a house and eventually donated some of that land to the church to build the chapel their. Crazy huh? So yeah Lava lava lava ROCKS!!!!
Me- Do you live on upolu? Do you boat to manono?
Robert- YEs. and yes we would but President just gave Manono to the elders in Samatau so now we just have Apolima isalnd left for us to go to but we haven't gone to either yet becasu the work is way better up on the island.
Me- Thank you for clearing that up. Glad the work is good on the island. Thanks for all the answers. My brain is so much clearer. Love you Robbie
Robert- hahaha anytime!!! oh its awesome! ANytime. How about next week? I love you too mommy! :) 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Internet issues this week

SWEET!!! THanks mommy Jones!!!! Also thanks for sending the flakes to me with salsa and my favorite snack. THe salsa is great on my eggs in the morning! :) I love you gys! Congratutlate collin and Carlie for me. :)

 We made brownies today for P-day because Elder Murray our district leader has been with us for the week while He's waiting for transfers on Wednesday where he will get one of the newbies and start training. His mom had sent the mix to him around Christmas so it worked out perfectly that he is in a trio with us for a week so He can finally use them. He's been a party to be around but then also a huge help for me at the same time
 Because he's got way more mission experience so He's just been a good resource of wisdom to use a lot during this last week.
Ps sorry but the internet was failing for the last 30 minutes and I've gotta go in like 7 ish minutes....
We also made some french taost this week!!! It was sooooooooo good!
 Goodness P-days are stressful time wise!!! I;ve gotta go get ready for our fafaga but I lov you heaps and have grown a ton this week. You're all in my prayers. I love love love ya!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

4th of July in Samoa

Well this week was pretty interesting but very fast and very enjoyable! :) We didn't get to do much work to be honest but we had a fun adventure I feel. I really appreciated the way that God taught me even though we didn't get to do much work in our area.
So my comapnion, Elder Sewell has been struggling health wise since he got here. almost every day he's ahd some kind of illness or pain but this week was what seemed to be the peak of it all. He wasn't feeling good at all on wednesday so we stayed in and rested a bunch and then Thursday morning He woke up worse and we ended up taking a taxi into the mission office to deal with him there. He wasn't like tragically ill or something but he wasn't getting anybetter with the situation we were in at our house way over here in Lalovi so we got to go kick it in the office for a night and he got heaps better. It was a blast to be honest. For me it was like a mini vacation especially because when we got there I met the package you had sent and the other one with the USB and adapter thingy, Plus on top of that all the Senior couples who were taking care of my soa and I SPOILED THE CRAP OUT OF US. THey gave us so much food that is so foreign to get here in Samoa like the pizza you have a picture of now. It was very realxing and like a spa trip or something for me but all the while my soa was pretty delirious and just trying to overcome whatever Samoa had done to him. Then he got better real quick and we made it back home but still have basically just rested all week to make sure his illness is just gone completely because we have a lot of work to attend to. The area is huge, we have a lot of member support, and there are plenty of people waiting for us in the area. 
ANyhow all is well. Today for our P-day we made the chocolate chip muffins you sent me which were awesome! THnaks a ton for that! We're still trying to find something to blow up tongiht but we can't really think of anything that might be explosive here in Samoa so we're still open to ideas if you have any, We've still got one more 4th left on our missions and I personally plan on going out with a bang! :) 
Also A little side note about rihgt now. In other words this is live news. Our Ward mission leader is sleeping on the floor behind us as we email because He loves the AC in the bishops office where we use the computer so he came by for a nice 2 hour nap. :) He's a great guy! His name is Fatu and he's been a huge help to us. Its things like this though just remind me how weird I'll be when I get home because him being here and just things like this in general are pretty normal... A ward mission leader from a different area spent the night at our house when I was in Tuanai. Weird stuff but it was all just the easiest way to get the service done that we had planned for that day. I love it here in Samoa and Heavenly Father really teaches me in the coolest ways and especially in the office this week. But you'll have to wait for that story in the journal entry letters I send you. But anyways this place is a miracle to me. I love it here. :) 
Elder Jones