Saturday, November 18, 2017

Nov 13

So here is a quick update for you while i have a minute. First and most important is that i love you all so so so much and am very sorry for not emailing but we have to use pdays for the temple and we also have lots of other pday chores on pday so by the time we get home there is no time left we just go back out to an fhe or a lesson or whatnot... But for an update, we left satalo with lots of or own tears member's tears. Its a weird thing 6 weeks of working these people and then leaving abruptly. But oh well its just part of the gig, missionaries and not members who stay. We are now here in fagaloa tai or also known as 2 very small villages; sauano and saletele. The team didn't change at all just an addition to the sisters. Me, elder misimoa from nofoalii, sister ameto from vaitoloa, sister long from plano texas, sister schwenke from tutuila, and the new addition sister vaovasa from australia. We love the new villages we're in and he members have been so willing to help since day one. The first night here we found and set 2 people on date for the 2nd of December for baptism and we have so many more families to work with. The most miraculous part is the members are so quick to go to all the people they referred to us and invite them to an fhe, the visitors center the mission puts on in pesega, to church, to do family history with sister schwenke, and so many other things. I'm so grateful that these members have been prepared to work with us and are doing it. God is so much more easily going to work miracles within their villages and their branch. We're so blessed to be in this new area.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Nov 3

Busy week for pictures so I am posting again this week. I have made lots of new friends in samoa this week. They tell me Robert is being transferred

on Sunday so he is giving out my name so he can find them when he gets home. It has been so fun.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

October 24

Well here's some pictures for you because time is fast again on p-day but I hope this can make up for the last couple of weeks. The work is blowing up here in Satalo and Malaemalu. Our district is a blast and the branch is really doing a great job at helping us bring people back to church, and converting the new friends they've given to us to work with.
Love you guys!!!!
I'm here with 2 new companions by the way. Elder Misimoa who is from here in nofoalii and is probably the best of missionaries in all Samoa and elder Patiole who is from Sydney Australia. They're great elders and we're having a blast working together especially with sisters Long and Ameto.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October 3

So these are all pictures of me and my companions and also the family/house we live with/in. Its pretty fun over here. Its the branch president and his family. they're all a blast and he's especially hilarious. I'll miss this guy when we live but I'm sure we'll be back to visit him at some point in my life. The word is supposed to be tafi not taxi...

This week has been a good week we had more than 20 people extra come to church this last Sunday and the priesthood is all there so now we're just working on like 9 different families who are all part member families that area all very less active... They're making progress though but they will fill up the chapel even though church is just done in the house of a member family and is already full it'll be bursting at the seems and then Monson will have to send the okay to build us a chapel over here.

Sister Schwenke asked president Hanneman for a car and got a van to take people to the temple and the visitors center in the temple all the time. Its pretty cool... I just don't have a license though so its a little bit lame too..