Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from Samoa

My companion is pretty cool he comes from laulii upolu and tapueleele savaii and he just so happens to have a lot family and friends in our area so its easy for us to get to know families that we've never been to before. He's a really good people person and thankfully hes super patient with my Samoan abilities because I can speak I just feel like I'm at a stall even though I know I'm not I just wish language progress was going faster. We're doing great though, he just wants to be exactly obedient which he struggles with at times but Hes open about it and wants help so we're getting him there and he's helping me to see a lot hings I can fix. :) I'm doing fine. I'm just super stoked I'm only a handful of days away from my year mark. I never thought I'd get to this day. But all the stuff missionaries say is true. at 6 months you think okay its possible to do this, 1 year you realize that having to go back is a thing like it will actually happen some day its not just a dream, and then 6 months left you can do pretty much anything you want to language wise, you know the lessons the rules, etc... the sky is the limit. Its all so true so far. Also the last 6 months just fly by I guess. ;) All I know is that right now I do not want to go home. I just want to stay here in Samoa forever because there is way too much craziness going on in the world. The Samoan people are always bringing up this and that about whats going on in America and someone even told me there's about to be war or something... I never know what to believe but man what the BOM says is so true about all the calamity and junk like that. Being on Gods Errand is just so peaceful, and so full of Joy. Little to no worries just that I'll have enough time to get all the visits in I need to or do enough studies, or get this report or lesson prepared. Its so nice. But what I hear about on the outside is just terrifying. But that's basically me. I'm striving to be more patient with the language hoping that I'll be fluent sometime soon, coming out of the clouds and realizing that I'm on a very short timer till I have to go an live on my home again in the dark and dreary world, just taking things day by day and staying happy. I still miss Vest And Ligaliga. I never thought I've have a favorite companion or companionship but it was definitely those two punks. I can't wait to spend more time with them after the mission. Especially Vest. :) But yeah that's me, how things are and what not. I'm just living the dream on an island full of the most respectful and happiest people on earth. :)
I don't know If I told you this but I have a solo to sing for the missions Christmas program that goes on for all of Samoa... It'll be cool but I just don't want to worry about that to be honest. I haven't been taking any time to practice because of all the work to be done. I'm stoked about it though it'll be a great memory! 
Just this member guy that we visited because all our other plans fell through. I'd never visited the family everyone else we went to was busy or gone and then I remembered this family giving us money to go buy our dinner with because they couldn't provide for that night. So On Thursday we went over there and just started to chat and get to know them not thinking much of it hoping to get some referrals for that area and then the man his name is Tui asks, "how long does it take to do lessons?" We told him about 2 ish weeks and then he said I'd like to do mine maybe. I asked why because I assumed he was already a member and then he said he's not baptized so he just wants to be taught then if it feels right he'll be baptized. I was so shocked. Especially because I think in that moment we talked him into being baptized on the 24th of December.  He was a miracle for this week. I had just prayed for some people who were prepared the night before because we had dropped a couple old investigators this week and then bam he shows up. I'm stoked. I'm sure there will be more people guided to us. He says he never talks with the missionaries just his wife and kids but then that day it was just him and his daughter so he decided to stay and talk. Boom. I was amazed. thats how the work should be everytime. :) 
Well thanks for all the calming of my little fears that aren't really real fears. It sure helps a ton. ;) I'll be doing lots of singing when I get home and mostly in Samoan okay? ;) But hey I gotta go, I love you tons be sure to send my love to everyone. Have  a great week .

Sunday, November 20, 2016

New companion Elder Tauiliili

Dang that was so many non missionary missionares. I wish they'd do stuff like that over here! :) It loks like a blast!
So transferrs this week were a punch to the heart! Elder Vest and Elder Ligaliga got taken away. E vest is in Sataoa with a trainee now so I just got made a grandpa!!! :) E ligaliga is just down the road though in solosolo. I miss those to to death but my new soa is great I'm just having to get used to speaking samoan literally all day every day. :) Its alright, a bit rough but it'll be a big help to boost my language abilities. :) My new soa is Elder Tauiliili from Laulii and tapueleele savaii. He's a studd been out for 4 months and started in Tuanai just like me but he knows more about that area than I do because I didn't hardly know any samoan over there. :) We're getting a long well and I'm grateful he's patient with my samoan hes the perfect native for me to be comps with. But yeah thats basicall the week any questions? 

We cover and attend Apia 1 and Apia 2nd ward. He's been out for 4 months. Today I had, a banana, rice, turkey, pumpkin, and water. No I'm glad I'm still here in the area I jsut really miss the crap out of Elder Vest and Elder ligaliga... The difference in fun from those two to this new companions is so drastic. My new soa is great we just have to get familiar and we don't speak the same native tongue so theres just ifferent barriesr to overcome but I'm glad, I love thearea. :) Heck yes my shoues will last 11 more days!!! :) they're still going strong! I had to tape them and glue them for it to work out... they're retty bangd up but I'm loving using them. :) No one I'm super close with yet but It'll happen soon.
 They put pumpkin in soups here all the time but they just seasoned it and fixed it up like a mashed potato for us at a restaurant we went to afeter shopping this morning. It was pretty good.
These are the Missionaries he was refering to her in Arizona. Cydney is on the front row. Its weird to think that last year He was on a mini mission too.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nov 13th

Hey sorry the internet wasn't working for a while but now it is and our P-day is nearly over.

ANywho that sounds like such a sweet moment. I can just imagine the look in his eyes and the feeling in his heart. I miss him so much! When I get to see that stud again I'm probably gonna break down into tears and then just heaps of joy just like alma the younger and his brethren. If you see him again let him no that there is nosuch thing as coincedences. I learned a ton about that this week. I love him!!!! 
I love you too so don't forget deal? THas so cool that calli is getting married and I'm so stoked that its to TIm, not sure why I just see them fitting really well. so cool!
THe feelings on the other side of that initial separation are pretty scary for the first couple yards but then you just so stoked about what is about to start.  I love you heaps we're out of time and Elder Ligaliga needs to email still so I'll see ya next week. Love you tons!!! 

November 6

Holy a lot of cupcakes! I miss your cupcakes! You remember the plan for when I get home still right? just heaps of baking and relaxing with the family. I'm still looking forward to that... I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here everyone keeps telling me that I'm going to be transferred and become a ZL but I don't believe them nor do I want to be a ZL because I'm in love wit this city area. Whatever God chooses though...
I did get the card but umm do I have to call and activate it? I am not sure... Yes I did finally get the packag this week and what the heck man! That was awesome! THe Cheezits inside of it blew up and were all over everytihng but it was all good and I could still read all the cute little letters. :) Holy crap I miss that kid! I miss all of you hooligans and homies! But man do I love all these new additons to my group of homies! Especially Elder Vest and Elder Ligaliga! These two are the best! Just all of my companions have been absolute studs and I hope it stays that way! :) Well no hurricane yet but it is getting to be the rainy season soon so I'll let you know if any kind of storm shows up okay. :) WHAT!?!?!? i MISS THAT KID! hE STILL HASN'T EMAILED ME IN FOREVER... I just keep hoping that once he gets on his mission that he'll have to be on the computer so then he'll remember to email me because this is just killing me. I don't know anything thats going on with him and he's my best friend! :( 
cool it is the most recent one! :) THe fast was pretty cool for us elders over here as well. I know fasting really works mommy jones. I don't know any other way to do this work and its the only way that I'll ever be able to raise a family, and succeed in the world to provide for them. I know that I can't do it on my own. So uhhh this is collins 10th time being a ninja huh? and what are carlie and Tucker? They stumped me... Everyone is super cute though! I wanna hang out with you homies
 Wait just figured it out thanks to Elder Vest! A sheep and avatar! huh?

October 30

 I have been remiss the last few weeks cause Robert has mostly been replying to my questions and asking personal questions but Im gonna share what I can. So this is from October 30.
"Well Lgaliga didn't work out because he just didn't want to make us white guys seem like pipsqueaks so he's just looking out for us but hes a new zealander so he doesn't press 750 only 350 because those fellows/blokes use Kgs not lbs... ;) 
BUt yeah E Vest is pretty buff and I love him. 
 :) Tell Elizabeth Allen sorry about her birthday and she'll have better ones on her mission... ;) "