Friday, November 18, 2016

Nov 13th

Hey sorry the internet wasn't working for a while but now it is and our P-day is nearly over.

ANywho that sounds like such a sweet moment. I can just imagine the look in his eyes and the feeling in his heart. I miss him so much! When I get to see that stud again I'm probably gonna break down into tears and then just heaps of joy just like alma the younger and his brethren. If you see him again let him no that there is nosuch thing as coincedences. I learned a ton about that this week. I love him!!!! 
I love you too so don't forget deal? THas so cool that calli is getting married and I'm so stoked that its to TIm, not sure why I just see them fitting really well. so cool!
THe feelings on the other side of that initial separation are pretty scary for the first couple yards but then you just so stoked about what is about to start.  I love you heaps we're out of time and Elder Ligaliga needs to email still so I'll see ya next week. Love you tons!!! 

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