Sunday, November 20, 2016

New companion Elder Tauiliili

Dang that was so many non missionary missionares. I wish they'd do stuff like that over here! :) It loks like a blast!
So transferrs this week were a punch to the heart! Elder Vest and Elder Ligaliga got taken away. E vest is in Sataoa with a trainee now so I just got made a grandpa!!! :) E ligaliga is just down the road though in solosolo. I miss those to to death but my new soa is great I'm just having to get used to speaking samoan literally all day every day. :) Its alright, a bit rough but it'll be a big help to boost my language abilities. :) My new soa is Elder Tauiliili from Laulii and tapueleele savaii. He's a studd been out for 4 months and started in Tuanai just like me but he knows more about that area than I do because I didn't hardly know any samoan over there. :) We're getting a long well and I'm grateful he's patient with my samoan hes the perfect native for me to be comps with. But yeah thats basicall the week any questions? 

We cover and attend Apia 1 and Apia 2nd ward. He's been out for 4 months. Today I had, a banana, rice, turkey, pumpkin, and water. No I'm glad I'm still here in the area I jsut really miss the crap out of Elder Vest and Elder ligaliga... The difference in fun from those two to this new companions is so drastic. My new soa is great we just have to get familiar and we don't speak the same native tongue so theres just ifferent barriesr to overcome but I'm glad, I love thearea. :) Heck yes my shoues will last 11 more days!!! :) they're still going strong! I had to tape them and glue them for it to work out... they're retty bangd up but I'm loving using them. :) No one I'm super close with yet but It'll happen soon.
 They put pumpkin in soups here all the time but they just seasoned it and fixed it up like a mashed potato for us at a restaurant we went to afeter shopping this morning. It was pretty good.
These are the Missionaries he was refering to her in Arizona. Cydney is on the front row. Its weird to think that last year He was on a mini mission too.

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