Friday, November 18, 2016

November 6

Holy a lot of cupcakes! I miss your cupcakes! You remember the plan for when I get home still right? just heaps of baking and relaxing with the family. I'm still looking forward to that... I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here everyone keeps telling me that I'm going to be transferred and become a ZL but I don't believe them nor do I want to be a ZL because I'm in love wit this city area. Whatever God chooses though...
I did get the card but umm do I have to call and activate it? I am not sure... Yes I did finally get the packag this week and what the heck man! That was awesome! THe Cheezits inside of it blew up and were all over everytihng but it was all good and I could still read all the cute little letters. :) Holy crap I miss that kid! I miss all of you hooligans and homies! But man do I love all these new additons to my group of homies! Especially Elder Vest and Elder Ligaliga! These two are the best! Just all of my companions have been absolute studs and I hope it stays that way! :) Well no hurricane yet but it is getting to be the rainy season soon so I'll let you know if any kind of storm shows up okay. :) WHAT!?!?!? i MISS THAT KID! hE STILL HASN'T EMAILED ME IN FOREVER... I just keep hoping that once he gets on his mission that he'll have to be on the computer so then he'll remember to email me because this is just killing me. I don't know anything thats going on with him and he's my best friend! :( 
cool it is the most recent one! :) THe fast was pretty cool for us elders over here as well. I know fasting really works mommy jones. I don't know any other way to do this work and its the only way that I'll ever be able to raise a family, and succeed in the world to provide for them. I know that I can't do it on my own. So uhhh this is collins 10th time being a ninja huh? and what are carlie and Tucker? They stumped me... Everyone is super cute though! I wanna hang out with you homies
 Wait just figured it out thanks to Elder Vest! A sheep and avatar! huh?

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