Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 19

Okay so the first picture is my night with the AP'S. I caught Elder Tuimauga asleep after I got out of the shower because we were waiting for the longest time for the office elders to come back. I was supposed to spend the night with them but they never showed up so we just went back to Tuimauga and Tiatia's room. :) It was cool. The other picture was the next morning and basically the whole day I had no companions... well actually President put me with the sisters all day and I was the designated driver. super weird but it was really fun. Kind of like being with Lindsay, Cydney, Cienna and Carlie and mom because Schwenke was there telling me how to drive the whole time as I sat in silence. ;) Super fun.
okay actually the other picture won't load so I'll try gain another time... sorry. It was supper fun

"Last Sunday with Elder Jones, may our Heavenly Father continue to bless you abundantly and be with you as you move on to your next district. Thank you for being a great missionary in our branch, I know without a doubt you'll continue to do wonders out there. Three more months to go aye? We love and miss you dearly Elder Jones...
I Pulled these photos and this message off fb. It was so sweet and I thought Robert would love to read it when he gets home.

No Salagi is in Upolu but I was misinformed, I'm actually going backside to Malaemalu and Satalo which is in the district of Falealili. Its pretty far but its super nice. We went to see it yesterday and have a meeting with the leaders but we're officially going over there tomorrow to move in. But since last night I've been with Elder Thurber and Elder Richards in Vaitoloa. Its pretty fun they're such great elders. 2 nights ago though I spent the night in the office with the APs which was pretty fun. Who is savili martin??? Is that that one lady who made us all dinner before I left? That would be cool to have more than just me sing but I really don't know how the whole practicing thing would go... But sure if they want to have them choose one from the hymn book for us to sing together and we can figure it out when I get back.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Elder Kimball MTC Companion

So I got a little obsessed with putting together pictures names and areas of all the companions Robert has served with So here is what I found. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to put this together but I am really glad I did cause it actually helped me remember some tender Mercies and it is so neat to see kind of a chronology of his mission.
Elder Redd First companion in Samoa Served in Tuanuai
Elder Afuvai 3rd companion served in Tuanuai
Elder Sewell 4th companion in Tuanuai
Elder Allen was added to their team in Tuanuai 5th compaion

Elder Vest 6th companion served in Matautu
Elder Vest and Elder Ligaliga 7th companion

Elder Tauiliili 8th companion they served in Matautu (no pictures of him)

9th companion Elder Johnson served in Nuumau

10th companion Elder Mendenhall they served in Nuumau

Elder Allen  11th companion and Elder Alaga 12th  companion Letogo

Elder Allen again 11th companion  Letogo
Elder Damuni13th companion Mapusaga American Samoa
Elder Damuni Amanave, Annuu
I just like this picture of Elder Tuimaluga they traveled back to Upolu together when Robert was transfered.
Elder Tuafa 14th companion Mulfanua Upolu
Elder Vai Sioka  in Aoloao 15th Companion

16th  and 17th companions Satalo and Malaemalu, Upolu, Samoa
                                                              Elder Fiu and Elder Spatula

18th  and 19th Companion Elder Misimoa and Patiole  in Satalo and Malaemalu

Elder Wood, Elder Mismoa, Sister Long, Sister Dodd, Sister Fuifui

September 13

S for this week we got lots of great work done but also lots of changes... Elder Vaa Sioka left yesterday after president called on Sunday morning saying he needs him for a new project in Upolu. Sad to have him leave but I'm excited to have new eyes new testimonies and new takes on aoloau with the new sisters and elders we're working with for this last week till me and Schwenke leave on Sunday. We're making a big difference up there on the mountain and the branch is making heaps of progress. They've got lots to improve on but their foundation is strong and after we leave the elders they have to stay with them will be perfect to hlp them sustain and improve on the numbers and strength they have in the branch so within the next month or so they can start and finish the paperwork to become a ward. 
On Sunday we leave for Salani to start a new area with an all new team for me and Schwenke to work with over there. I'm excited to see who it will be and eager to go and get the work done over there. :) It sounds really like a great area over there. President Hanneman says that the stake president over there is begging him for us to go over and start the program. Plus I've only got time in the mission left for only 2 more branches. 3 months... :):) 
Love you mommy Jones! Forgot my camera sorry... 
I'm living with the zone leaders in Mapusaga again and we're covering aoloau; elder Tua and Elder Loni Utah and Tonga. Plus we have 2 sisters to work with us for the week. Sister Hansen and sister Ausage. 

September 6

These are all just service projects we've been doing everything. Super tiring but fun and I;m learning a lot plus its getting the elder quorum to do their duties so I'm up for the job. :) hope you enjoy the pictures. 
The week has been good! At church we had all the priesthood holders we needed but the attendance was 3 short... :\ Super frustrating because we had a total of 3 new families at church but still didn't make it even though the week before we had 149... Its so close but its gonna happen. the priesthood is more important to me because they are the foundation but the people just need to be there but I guess they need to do more work to get them to church. But hey I'm glad that you are staying close to the spirit and God is looking out for you because he is looking out for me as well. I'm learning tons over here and just giving it my all to get this work done the way it should be done. The sisters got transferred this week which was lame because they're great sisters and did tons of great work here in aoloau and Aasu but president said he needs them elsewhere so they left. Not sure what else to say... Love you though.

Friday, September 1, 2017

August 30

The first picture is this morning after we went to seminary with a bunch of the young men... We went back on the teachers land brother Tamotu and cleared his overgrown plantation. Its pretty fun stuff we all had machetes and just went at it for like 3 hours. Super fun stuff I'll never take care of my land any other way.. ;) The other one was last night on the way home in the back of Sili's truck as it was raining. That's how its been all week. We got those coats from some of the members here. Its been a fun week though. also this last one of us mowing the lawn of a less active member and a stronger family right next door. We're just getting up super early every day to do service and then we get out to get the word out for the rest of the day. Exhausting but I really enjoy it. :)