Sunday, July 10, 2016

Internet issues this week

SWEET!!! THanks mommy Jones!!!! Also thanks for sending the flakes to me with salsa and my favorite snack. THe salsa is great on my eggs in the morning! :) I love you gys! Congratutlate collin and Carlie for me. :)

 We made brownies today for P-day because Elder Murray our district leader has been with us for the week while He's waiting for transfers on Wednesday where he will get one of the newbies and start training. His mom had sent the mix to him around Christmas so it worked out perfectly that he is in a trio with us for a week so He can finally use them. He's been a party to be around but then also a huge help for me at the same time
 Because he's got way more mission experience so He's just been a good resource of wisdom to use a lot during this last week.
Ps sorry but the internet was failing for the last 30 minutes and I've gotta go in like 7 ish minutes....
We also made some french taost this week!!! It was sooooooooo good!
 Goodness P-days are stressful time wise!!! I;ve gotta go get ready for our fafaga but I lov you heaps and have grown a ton this week. You're all in my prayers. I love love love ya!

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