Friday, August 11, 2017

Pictures from the last couple weeks

August 2nd
Today we don't have much going on but we all have to use one computer up here in oloau so the time is kind of fast. today is elder Coggin's last day... its all up to him today. Aoloau is going well, we're just trying to stay effective and focused on the most important thing which is getting people to church on Sunday by using the ward every single day every step of the way. Its going really well though. I miss Damuni a lot though! :)

August 9
As far as the week and what happened... we were soooooo flipping cold!!!! It was ridiculous!!!!! I have a cold because of it and really all of us do except for Vaa sioka. The sisters last night came by after one of there visits at like 7:30 after sun-down and they were shivering... I felt so bad!!! I just pictured Cydney and Cienna and Lindsay and Carlie and you and wanted to just go in my cars trunk to grab a hoodie for them, or just pull one out of my bag like I would always have in the winter.... It was kind of hard to watch. so instead I just told them to go home and wrap up in blankets and do gafa for the rest of the night. so they did thankfully... They also had food poisoning or something i guess. thats what they said.. upset stomachs all day long and through all night long before... But they're better now as far as i know. But the work side of the week has been good.
 But we're living with the branch president so we push on him daily. Just pray for these people mommy Jones. only 3 weeks left and the work isn't moving fast enough.
But I'm learning a lot and loving the work. Love that theres only 4 months left out here and then I get to go and live the gospel! :) 
Love you mommy Jones.

Yes I know there are no pictures. The blog isn't letting me add them but I hope to overcome this tribulation and add them later so stay tuned. lol

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