Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26

Th new area is super cool. The branch is really prepared for this work so its blowing up so fast. :) The other companion is elder Coggins. He got put with us for his last 3 weeks and its a blast together. :) We're really enjoying it. Elder Vaa sioka is such a solid missionary. always ready to go and get it done and do it now. He adds so much to the spirit of the work in Aoloau and really gets into the hearts of the people too. Such a blessing. Plus he's hilarious. :) Schwenke should be back on Saturday and then we'll be in this together again. :)
Sorry we're short on time too so thats probably all I have time for because our area is far away and we have to catch a bus back home so we've gotta hurry. But I'm safe happy healthy and the work is moving forward so don't worry about me too much okay. :) 

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