Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Transfered again to Aoloao. July 12

Its very true now I'm on to my 10th area and my 18th companion so lots of different experiences and changes but hey I'm loving it though. its pretty exciting and keeps things fun and new and fresh. I don't know how i would do in an area for more than like 4 months... I'd get really bored I bet. ;) 
So right now I'm in Mapusaga again with the ZLs waiting for my native companion to come over and then we go up to Aoloao on top of the mountain in Tutuila. its another branch and a whole new team. The ZLs here are Elder Coggins who is done in a month and Elder Mounga who is from Tonga and is just over a year in the mission. we're having fun and they cover the Tongan ward so I'm trying to pick up on some Tongan while I'm here just in case I need it someday. ;) No bed bugs though just mosquitos in the house occasionaly but nothing terrible. :) 
Love you Mommy Jones

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