Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19

Elder Mounga is the best! Hilarious and speaks all 3 languages, Samoan, English and Tongan... :) Such a cool kid. :) 
The last one was a quick visit we went on with President in our new area in Aoloau. They thought the kids were hilarious playing with all of those broken bikes.

Sister Hanneman made me banana bread before I left for Tutuila and I was so happy! :) So here's a picture of it. :) It was gone in one day. :)

So as of right now my companion Elder Vaa Sioka just got here but we are not going up to Aoloau until Saturday... So we're just kind of in a waiting game with the ZLs for now. Its fun and nice to not have a ton of pressure or stress on my mind because we're just following them around but I do like to have all this time t prep myself for Aoloau and think about the work that starts on Saturday. It should be great. :) This branch though is a bit different because their numbers are all there but the attendance and the priesthood are weak. so This time it will be a little bit different then Aunuu and Amanave but shouldn't be fast honestly as long as the branch presidency, stake presidency, and the ward mission leader are ready to get this thing done. I feel like it'll be quick. :) 

oh actually presidemt just told me yesterday that he will be sending 2 more elders for us to live together. Not sure who that will be or where they will sleep the room we will live in is so small.... Like smaller than the front room in our house... but it'll work out the Tuanai house was only a tiny bit bigger than the closet in my bedroom at home. ;) anything works here on the mission. we're here to work, not to eat, sleep, or play or anything else. Only the work and having a smaller house just makes you want to leave that much more. leave the house Imean. ;)

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