Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 4th

A little tidbit that really hit me from Roberts letter this week.

"what I mean is the D&C says that the field is white and already to harvest but sometimes we go and try to harvest people who are still green or not perfectly white. What we do still helps to prune them and till the ground and what not but we as missionaries are harvesters so I don't want to get distracted or spend too much time on picking weeds  and tilling the ground when if I go to the other side of the field the crop is ready to be harvested. ya know what I mean... Eyring spoke about the gathering and the scriptures sure do so I wanna gather and leave all the digging pruning and dunging and wat not to th members who live here because in all honesty thats their duty and god called us to harvest because there are people who are ready especially here in samoa. Heaps of people.... So yeah We do get distracted in all kinds of things and I don't want to anymore. other times it was the language, orbeing liked by the people, or being a beautiful teacher, or knowing lots of scriptures, etc... But it all just puts too much time in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 The first one is Our 4th of july yesteday walking over to a member family all the way in the far back corner of our area. The other one was a fafaga that got dropped at our house last week some time.

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