Sunday, January 10, 2016

Robert Enroute

Elder Jones and His Companions Left the MTC yesterday at 11. I got a call from him last night. It was like  heaven hearing his voice. I miss hearing that voice. He said the flight to San Francisco was nice they had a few hours before they got on a 14hr flight to New Zealand. He made it safely to New Zealand and we were able to talk for 3 minutes . I find I'm a little down wishing I could be a fly on the wall thru out  this next adventure. I stole this picture from Elder Mataitusi's mom on facebook. I like how Robert is in front. so many of his other photos you can hardly see him. He told us last night he may have lost his camera. We are praying it is packed in his luggage. Please pray its in his luggage. He thought he put it in his carry on. It's not there though. He should be at the mission home in an hour. 

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