Monday, January 25, 2016

Second week in Samoa

We two palagi's just open our mouths say what we know and learn what we don't. That's the key to learning this language! :) Things are great over here. We're working super hard and during my training every day we focus on topics we feel we need the most and every time they immediately bless us. I'm addicting to this whole missionary work thing. Also yesterday we had a stake conference with an Elder Nelson... He's the seventy traveling with Christophereson who we're meeting with tomorrow morning! :) It'll be so cool! :) Elder Nelson all but said the second coming is this year and then went on to talk about the message we're sending people as members of the restored gospel. He said 2 things in particular about what the prophet and Apostles want the most. 1: A strengthened faith in Jesus Christ, and 2: Strengthen families. If we as a church can accomplish that then we'll be ready for the second coming (pretty sure I'll still be in Samoa for that). ;) There's a lot of work to be but its a good thing its a blast.

This meal on the table looks smaller than it actually is. One meal for 2 faife`au (missionaries) could easily feed our whole family... It's delicious too! :) Also the other picture: So its been rough sitting on the floor. Not terrible but I just want to do all that I can to get comfortable so that I don't have any distractions from teaching by the spirit. So My trainer one night when I was in the shower got rid of our two chairs and dropped our tables to the floor so that we could get fa`amasani to sitting on the floor. It's a beautiful strategy because it's working miracles in my focus during lessons. I could care less about my legs! :) 
I love you Mommy Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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