Friday, January 8, 2016

Robert Leaves For Samoa tomorrow

I woke up this morning thinking this was my last chance to talk, send things, flight info before Robert left on Tuesday. By 6:05 I found out he leaves tomorrow. Then I became a hot mess. not ready for my son to leave the US. Not sure Ive done everything I can. Emails were short today he was packing up for tomorrow and getting ready to go.
So I got my travel plans on Monday! We leave tomorrow at 11:00!!!!! My week has been awesome! It's great to be the oldest district in our Zone because it feels like all the other elders are my boys from back home. The only special events are the constant opportunities to serve. I love this crap! It's one of the coolest things to see the reactions of these ruff tuff 18 year old young men being broken down to nothing by the MTC, and then baffled by the service rendered. Mom I'm seeing young punks that I never would have hung out with because of their choices, turn in to disciples of Christ. My companion especially. He has gone from no testimony to becoming a disciple of Christ with flaming testimony of who he is, why he's here, and what he will do. This is amazing!

We diddn't have the sleep over but we've had a lot of late night talks with eachother, just in our district. Our district is the closest in the MTC! I was a host this week, it was pretty cool I guess. It made me happy that I said my goodbye at the airport because I would have been broken when I got here. My teachers are Steven kinnison, Sydney Camilletti, and Jakob Haws. Haws is my favorite! You should look them up on facebook or something!!!!! I love Uso Haws so flipping much. He just loves.... So freaking much! Since day one! Yes Elder Bednar was here for Christmas but thats it... I've gotten quite a few packages while here actually its been great! 

We leave at 11am on Saturday! :) WE fly out of San Francisco after Salt Lake, Then we go all the way to Auckland, and another 6 hours to Samoa! :) 6 missionaries total, 5 Elders 1 Sister. Mommy jones I'll be okay, and we'll get through this. I can't deny that part about you being the most blessed mom either. ;) I'll write you every week! My carry on can only 15 pounds on air New Zealand so I'm crunching for weight... Don't worry though our zone has a plan. I will. Thanks mommy Jones I love you so so so much!

Love, Elder Jones
PPS: I'm so stoked to actually start having some missionary stories to tell you all! I'll make sure they're good ones I promise! :

So thats basically it. I don't know if there will be emails for the next few weeks it takes 3 weeks to get a letter to or from Samoa. We shall see.

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