Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Email from Apia 1/17/16

So I'm in Tuana`i near Apia on Upolu. It's a great area! More civilized than I had expected but its great over here! We're living in a little box smaller than any apartment you've ever seen. It's a missionary house on the property of the church building and our bathroom/shower is next door. The first day was a little weird but I already fell in love with it. There's always ants on everything, I never get to stop sweating, there's no glass in the windows just screens, etc... I love it mommy Jones! I couldn't be in a more perfect place for me! I might just go undercover and live in some remote part of the island before my time is up. 
I have not found my camera and I don't think there are any cameras on this island other than the ones missionaries have... I'm so sorry to lose it so early on, even just at all but my companion has some pictures for me so it'll be alright. As far as things to send in packages, I don't need anything so far, Bug spray, sunscreen, snacks... I'm not even sure anymore just know that I'm taken care of out here. 
As far as teaching goes, I guess I know a ton of Samoan already for my first week. My trainer says that It took him a month or two to get where I am with the language. We've been trying the best we can to teach but My Soa just got done being trained so He's only been here for 3 months and I'm fresh as could be so we sure do sound confusing a lot of times and visits are filled with a lot of silence while we piece together phrases in our minds. Nevertheless God keeps his promises and we are able to bless others with the knowledge of the  gospel through the holy ghost. To sum it up; We're not effective teachers yet but rather we are HUMBLE teachers that sure do know how to pray. :) I love it! I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my mission! Plus Walking around Samoa from village to village is like walking through a heavenly mine-field of angelic gathering places. Well I guess sort of... Everything and everyone is dirty, but It doesn't really matter that much. It's great over here!

My Companions name is Elder (Parker) Redd. He is fantastic! Honestly the most humble guy I know except for in Elder Form... :) He just does the Lords work with a sincere heart and honest knowledge of what his abilities are. Therefore He just relies on Father to help him along the way. I love Him to death. Plus he's a wee bit "nerdy"/"dorky" so He's a keeper eh Cydney? He is always serving me to! I don't know what else to say other than I love him and wish we didn't have to focus on the Lords work so much because then I'd get to talk with Him a lot more. This whole mission thing is magnificent. 

So everyone that came with me from the MTC are; Elder Tuimauga(Samoan), Elder Kimball(la`u soa), Elder Fifita (Tongan), Elder Packard(Palagi), Elder Mataitusi(Samoan/asian). And Sister Luatau.

It's wonderful out here! 
Love, Elder Jones

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