Friday, January 1, 2016

More from week 4

So Week Four was awesome for Robert. We got our Christmas call several tears were shed and Robert had a great day. He said how this was his favorite Christmas because it was all about the true meaning of Christmas and that evening he wrote me the most beautiful letter. It was hand written to me about the way the spirit is helping his testimony to grow closer to his savior. There are just no words for how his letter made me feel. He said that Elder and Sister Bednar gave a devotional that morning and Sister Bednar gave all the missionaries a virtual hug from their Moms and expressed how much the elders moms loved them. This really touched his heart thus the tears that day. He is now down to his last 2 weeks at the MTC so I sent off my first letter to Samoa since it takes 3 weeks to get there.
He Is having trouble sending emails because of the limited time he has on the computer and also because he feels like there isn't much that we would find interesting about the MTC. I replied that I would love to hear all about the food, people, classes. I have so many questions. He replied with all the photos I shared with you plus some quick emails about them so I will share some of that this week.   I kinda love this group photo  they look so close like a brotherhood.
I was telling Robert this week about a friend of his mom contacting me and how we talked about how different Samoa is and all the things her daughter has had to get used to and how she had to send a big box home from the mtc of things she was told to bring that her teachers told her she would not need. This was his reply.
Dang! Thats crazy! I'll be sure to ask my teachers about all of that stuff, It's perfect because we just started learning about the culture here's some of the do's and dont's; Don't sing or whistle through villages, don't drink while standing or walking and don't even think about drinking water on a bike, don't throw anything...ever unless you have to, always always always say thank you, pronounce blessings upon each member of a family in respectful order, NEVER point your feet at anyone and never prop them up on anything, never turn down food without a good excuse, etc... It's all so exciting for me MOMMY JONES!!! :) I'm so stoked to freaking go there and embrace the crap out of all that weird stuff! :) I'll come back all kinds of strange! :) I hope you don't mind. Plus I keep thinking about the fun times I'll have with all of the Samoan Children! :) I'm going to get made fun of so flipping much over there! :) What else is crazy about going to Samoa is that as missionaries we're treated with more respect than the high chiefs. #sendmetosamoa! 
I'm so stoked for Jordan! I hope you gave him my love! Also Ammon!
 The food is all you can eat every day, all day no matter the meal. We got two mini fridges that have been being passed down from district to district for the last 2 years or so apparently. I think they were stolen by a district way back when. It's pretty nice because we can stash all kinds of stuff in our room for snacking. Our zone is probably going to have a sleepover in the common area down the hall this week. We're all super unified. We always eat together at every meal, our zone takes up like 14 tables! It takes a strategy to save that many seats for one group of missionaries. I'm loving it here! We're all going to the islands so no one has very warm clothing so we run from building to building to keep from freezing. I feel like I'm a polynesian already! I'll be one for the rest of my life! :) We can teach in Samoan now! Fairly clearly... I guess... ;) How's that?

On Monday A sweet someone shared this photo of Robert and Elder Kimball . She texted Me and Elder Kimball's mom. She said that the two of them were Hosting Senior missionaries on Monday. It was so Awesome. Someone said this week on missionary Moms that random texts are Priceless gifts that can not be repaid. So true.

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