Saturday, March 11, 2017

Once upon a time....2/28

This week I decided to write Robert a story and this is what he wrote back. It made me cry.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in a family that he thought was a very big family, at least until he had to leave that family to help others who need him. That boy was very sad he had to leave his big family but he just hugged them all goodbye and thought, I cannot do this but then someone with a really soft voice told him he can and so he is but he always thinks of his big family. especially in all those times when he meets new families full of mommies and daddies and chillins. He thinks they are funnny but he loves them even when they hate him and he tries to tell them how to be as happy as his family is even though they don't listen because he remembers that little sweet voice that told him he can do it. Sometimes that little boy misses his big family a lot but then he doesn't worry because that voice promises that they'll have plenty of time to do all the goofy stuff they did before and he will be happy and all the other families he helped in that far away place will be a blessing for his family.

Okay so I'm not as good at this as you are but what the heck mommy jones!!!!!! You maked me cry. 2 whole tears!!! That was intense! But man that was a fun story to read. Thanks for the little update on them chillins and everyone else. I cannot wait to show you all an FHE Samoan style. They're so fun a little stiff but we'll loosen it up to our own style. How does that sound? I'm so stoked. So guess what mom. I counted yesterday and realized I only have  like 8 months left. isn't that crazy. This thing is a bout to be over and I'm gonna cry because man its the coolest thing ever to b here serving these people working miracles but I'll cry also when I get to see you guys again. Theres a lot of emotion inside me and I get really scatter brained when I think about that last dinner with president and then the million year long plane ride back to America. It'll be insane...

 Our little talk helped me a ton to know how to better assist my companion and I feel like this week we've made a lot of progress even though it was a difficult week. Yvette did't get baptized this last satuday because her mother in law died on thursday nght and now their family is super busy preparing her burrial services which are a crazy big deal here in smaoa so the family is tigaina in prepping the services. THey're super burdened and busy trying to get itall ready is what I mean by tigaina... So that was bummer but this month on the 25th there are 2 families ready to be baptized so we've been working with them and I'm loving it plus our ward mission leasers have been a blast to teach with because they are pros at teaching its so cool .:) it really was a great week. busy, and fun. Learning alot about p[atients and the importance of always discussing things with your companion esecially when it comes to obedience. if something hapens say a prayer talk about it work it out close with a prayer and then go back to work. Its been fun. Really though I'm jsut getting super concerned lately about the mission ending before I've accomplished all that God needs me to. its a weird kind of stress... I like it htough. The mission is the best! : )

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