Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting Transfered to Tutuila

Well mommy, This week was awesome!! This last Saturday we had 10 people enter into the waters of baptism. It was such an amazing day. Let me tell ya about it.
So its a total of 3 families and they all had interviews on Friday afternoon, and were all set for Saturday to be baptized. The baptism was set for 4:30 and we had planned to take 2 of the families to the visitors center that we do in the mission office now. So we went to pick them up but they weren't ready yet so we were late to leave because of them plus the ZLs were late as well. So by this point we knew we would be pushing it but by the time the tour was over it was 4:15, no worries home is like 20-30 minutes away so we just text the wml (ward mission Leader) and don't worry about it. But apparently he thought along with the ward that the baptism was supposed to be at 4 so now we were super late... We get there and guess what the other family hadn't shown up yet... My companion changes and goes with the other ZL to pick them up but after being gone for about 25 minutes they come back to the chapel to say they're in Tuana'i and haven't come back yet... It was chaos.    
We ended up just starting the baptism and baptized the first six people, I had done 3 my companion 2 and 1 for Daley our ZL. Me and Daley had already changed out because we went first so as the font was being drained and everyone going back to the chapel my companion comes out of the house in his towel to grab his clothes hanging up outside just to hear the bishop yell at him to go back and get his white clothes back on... It was a miracle!!!!! Palauli and her kids had showed up! So they ended up getting baptized after all but by that time it was 5:30-5:45 ish... Also remember that the font was draining, well ya, thankfully god timed it all just right and the water was still deep enough to do baptisms. It was about 3 feet deep still. Lucky they're all pretty short... 
so yeah that's my crazy story for the week... God really needed us to be late this week. I'm so happy about it though and man I love those families to pieces! :) 
But my heart broke Monday night when the ZLs called and said I'm going to Tutuila... Super stoked about it but so sad because I was praying to be able to take these people to the temple... Elder Allen will take care of it though. I believe in that elder. 
I'm going to Mapusaga and I'm stoked about it. eager to see a new island and start a new journey in this new area. Plus my soa I've only heard great things about him. Elder Damuni is the name. I may have spelled it wrong though. Elder Murray trained him. 
Thats the week though mommy. Love you 
Any questions?

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