Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sons of Mosiah Zone

Well this week was nuts mommy Jones. Yes I am a ZL right now but then on Thursday or Friday night last week president called us at about 11pm and told to us a vision he had on how to hasten the work here in Samoa. He said he received this like 2 weeks ago. So that night he said he wants to take a team of 7 missionaries who will go into an area where there is a branch and they have 6 weeks to turn it into a ward. The key though is the branch and the missionaries will have a devotional, where all come to it praying and fasting about who they know that can come unto Christ and be baptized, after some testimonies and maybe a song then the missionaries will ask who do you know and everyone starts sharing and we put their names up on the board. Then we have 6 weeks to Find Teach and Baptize all of them. So ever since that night we've been taking on that calling in a village called Amanave and also still taking care of our zone because the new ZLs haven't gotten here yet but should be here tomorrow... SO because of this huge change we have no time anymore and will be moving with 3 other sisters and 2 elders to Amanave in order to find teach and baptize with the power and authority of God... So yeah, its literally the coolest thing I've ever been apart of. In this last week though I have seen how much God really does need the branches here in Samoa to be a ward that can Be havens for all of Gods children based on the foundation of priesthood power. He loves us, all of us and has promised so many prophets of old that we will make it back to him so all of us who know the truth have the duty to gather his children and bring them back by showing forth the power of God as if we were angels. Its so cool! I hope everyone in the church can catch the fire I have seen out here in the lives of these elders and sisters and members as we all come together to save God's children. Its so powerful
Logistics wise we will be moving in on Saturday night to officially get started but for right now Sister Fianu, sister Key, elder Tuimaualuga, and Elder Puefua are already back there doing great work. But by saturday us 2 and sister Long will be back there as well. 
The church is true, Christ made his atonement for all of us and has provided a way for everyone so now he is counting on us to help everyone to use the atonement so that they may be saved. Please don't let anyone perish, they need us because when we get to the spirit world and they ask us why we didn't warn them of the suffering they must go through before they can be saved if they didn't already accept it I can't imagine the sorrow we will feel... Go save them.

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