Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 7

Holy moses do I love hearing from all of you guys but I always just breeze throuhg all the emails and then type to you. well not always but ya know I'm always thinking about what I should right you but first, DO you really get curious about all of those things? THats funny mommy Jones but I like it because Its all pretty normal now so I don't even know what to tell you thats a funny story. We're doing good though here with elder allen and He's turning into a man step by step... He's got a long was to go and president almost sent him home and still thinks it may be better for him to go home because he is childish os once he's a man then come on back... I think thats a crazy but correct idea in a lot of ways but for now I think God is just trying to teach me how to be a powerful man and teaching me a lot about patience and a whole bunch of other things so I'm happy...Just like Nelson says you know Russel, "Saint can be joyful in any circumstance" THats because we focus on the one who promises that joy. So thats what I'm doing also thats why I want all that christmas music and pictures and stuff because they make me full of joy.
Hey I liked your letter it was long and cute and lots of very interesting things happeneed in itbut Its hard to reply to all the things that happened due to thetime. its short... I love you for sending me goofy stuff like that. you're right though presidents trust is a pressure at times but a joyful pressure. Plus I've always seemed to do better under pressure anyways so I like it. But yeah people ask me about your name all the time, if I tell them e faapea; o le igoa o lo'u tina o leilani" then they say "o se samoa!?!?!? ANd their voices raise and eys get big and excited until I say no but then they get a little more happy when Isay that my grandma servedin hawaii. :) So yeah... Thats my story. We're on the lookout for a family over here in samoa. well moe specifically in letogo. We always are but I can feel like theres one two or seven families that are just waiting to hear how they can be eternal.... So if you see any families waiting just let us know but they have to be in letogo okay? :) RIght now we do have 2 families prepping for salvation on the 25th so we're pretty stoked and also the mommy of a family next week on the 18th. :) I really do love this work, I love it when we teach and they understand and they get hooked and just want to know more and then before ya know it they're converted! :) Its great! Then you just say YEP this one's ready put them on the conveyor belt wach them and then cleanse them the day after and stamp them for processing to the bishop for a place to work and a place to learn. So yeah thats the business I'm into. Its a great business because there are literally no distractions its just Christ, peace joy and conveyor belts to heaven ;) Except for sometimes the belts get jammed by the little tools we pick up and then drop on the belt with us they fall in the cracks and then boom the whole thing is jammed until we call in the conveyor belt jammed doctor guy. 
Thats a little too silly I'm supposed to be serious but I just wanna go home and be goofy with you guys already but in order to have that joy I dream of I've gotta share it with all these sould that are waiting for me. I love you mommy. Ps did I say I love faausi. Its amazing but super long process to make thats why its 3 tala. Love ya

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