Friday, March 24, 2017

March 21

So uh the first pictures is me and my best friend named Pouono. He's the cutest little fart ever and his mommy and daddy and uncle and aunty and cousin will be baptized this Saturday
so we get to hang out a lot with him. Him and his little sister are just so flipping cute and their laughs are adorable. I love them so much mommy Jones. Sometimes I wished I lived in Samoa so that after the mission it would only be 5 dollars to travel to see all my best friends like Pouono whenever I wanted... But that's okay. I'll be patient and be really careful with my money because God needs me to stay in contact with all these people. Oh yeah he's wearing the top to an umbrella he found while playing near the river. :) I love him. Diana is his sisters name. :) 

The other one is the 1st counselors wife who gave birth to that baby the first few days we were here and since her husband was working really far away the morning she gave birth she got her son to run down to the chapel to have us come and give her a blessing at like 5am. Then like a week later when they fed us she had me write my name down on a piece of paper and said it was for the birth certificate of her son that just got borne... So yeah that's Robert Viiga Jones... weird huh? Especially the part where his last name is my last name... Silly Samoans... I hear they're going to change it it to Robert Jones Viiga though so that'll be good so no one thinks He's mine or anything crazy like that. ;) 

Oh my goodness do I miss all those people in those pictures you sent. I wanna go and be a part of all that stuff again! Its the best! All of them seem so growed up and big. Why did you let them do that. Halliday is getting to be quite the lady killer huh? The bus looks a lot like the plane I rode from new Zealand to here... That's so funny they got a little broken.. ;) So up to now We're still waiting to get transfer calls... Its been so long... They should have gotten out on Sunday night or Monday at some point but now Wednesday is half way over and nothing... Crazy! Tell the girls to email me about the trek and how it went. I wanna hear lots of stories about it all pretty pretty please!! :) 

This week went really well for us. We have 3 families being baptized this week along with 3 couples who we helped get married last Sunday so they can live the law of chastity and then be baptized. So yeah its been pretty crazy fun just teaching heaps of lessons and finding lots of new people. The only problem is we don't know when and if transfers are happening.... Crazy huh? But yeah we're staying happy and keeping the work moving along. :)

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