Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14

The first picture is of me and Allen after our service project planting banana trees and taro with the elders quorom for a widow. We were pretty pooped but it was a blast. Then the other one is a man and his niece when they came to church on Sunday they'll be baptized next Saturday. along with heaps of other people. God is showing us heaps of miracles over here and I'm learning tons thanks to humility patience and exact obedience. God is the best.
We had a great week. Super busy teaching heaps of lessons and working on getting people to baptismal dates be ready to accept salvation and endure forever. 
Do you have any questions for me this week I don't kow what to write about nothing too crazy happened just a lot of teaching and getting the work done. 
 Yes we were with Muaimalae Levale today and he's our ward mission leader. His birthday was yesterday so we're spending our day together today to celebrate for him because he didn't tell us beforehand. Hes a stud. Super Grateful for him because of the help he gives us in this work. :) No those pictures are from yesterday he showed us a short cut on the way to fafaga. It's soooooooo much faster. That's the importance of using members folks. :) Yes I haven't moved yet but the transfer calls should be here after Sunday so Next week I'll let you know but transfers get done on Wednesdays now so if I'm transferred I most likely won't get to email on P-day. :/ 
ummmm This week I really had trouble with being unified with my companion. He's a great guy but very childish. So this week I really learned a lot about how to keep us working together with the spirit. It only came by prayer and a lot of revelation through prayer and mission leaders. Now we seem to have a beat going... My companion is a stud though, he is very playful and not careful with his words a lot of times but his mind, and heart always refer back to the purpose and as I focus on those small and simple moments I see all the greatness he is doing for each of the individuals God has blessed us with and He is blessing us with even more and more every day because He knows he can trust us with them. We are one so we are his. :) Does that count as a story? 
We live in a mission house inside the fale sa and its the best house yet. Its on a hill with a nice breeze all the time and the house is set up really well. I love this area. :)

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