Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Right now I don't know if I really have a favorite area, if i did I think it would be Nuumau or Matautu but then again Lalovi is unforgettable... I just can't choose I'm still waiting to see more of Samoa though everyone is amazed when I tell them I haven't been anywhere but front side Upolu, no Savaii or Tutuila or even backside... I'll just hang in for the long run though.

 SO this is Sosaiete and Lagi who were baptized on Saturday and then another one of them gorgeous flowers and the other picture is the ginger bread house we made over in Nuumau. It was package that got sent to Elder Johnson he didn't take when he got transferred so then Mendenhall and I used it with the kids at the house we stayed at one night. It was a blast! :) But there's some more pictures for ya. :)

        I'm so down to plant that sucker next to the taro just be sure we get enough water to it otherwise it will die. Siolly mom. THere is no such thing as a bad area, did you know that? Every field is white and already to harvest its just sometimes theres so much other junk going on and it takes our eyes off all the fruit ready to harvest. I say this and I'm laughing at how blind I really am in this area right now to all the people we're missing it seems. ;) I really do like all thareas, even Tuanai was a blast and then super powerful with afuvai

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