Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb.14, 2017

Man it looks like you crazies had fun this week!!! I got dibs on the next trip to delta with mommy Jones and then you can remember that we're still close and maybe even remind me about all the people whos names I've forgotten and things I did that I don't remember anymore... THat would be fun. How is Grandpa doing? is he goping to reply to the letter I sent him? Just curious because I'm not expecting it. I love all the pictures they seem like you had a blast! :) Yeah we had a good time over here in Letogo we've got 2 people set up for a baptism this saturday and then another lady next week and a whole family for the end of next month and God blessed us with a handful of new people as well so I'm super happy and super blessed!!!!!!!! :) I love this wrok mommy jones even though i get so frustrated that I can't do it exactly the way that Christ did it yet but all I've gotta do is just keep learning how he did it and then pick one thing a day to be just a little bit more like him. Its all about the power and authority. My language abilities are blowing me away and I feel so comfortable talking with people nowadays as if it were in english a lot of times. I just can't explain myself as well as I want to some times but I can get my point across and I'm just doing lots of vocab and lots ofreading and God is fillingi nthe gaps so that none of his children fall thorugh them. :) I lvoe it! Everyone always tells me how I should marry a samoan girl, and how afterwards I need to go home and teach you all how to speak samoan, and a whole bunch of other jokes about the food and all these sweet little joys and blessings of being in samoa that I won't have anymore after I'm all done here but I've been thinking about the peacecorp. Because they basically serve a mission here as well but they jsut teach school or a bunch of other things! SO I'm thinking about maybe coming back afterwards and serving even longer while I'm here in samoa but I'm not sure if I can do that to you guys again for another year or 2 I might do it once I find my wife thoughbut we'll see because these things are all supposed to become clearer to me afterwards so I'm just doing all I can and focusing on the purpose not hte reward just like the  steke president told his stake here on sunday focus on the purpose not the reward. So I'll be staying focused on my master and savior Jesus CHrist because he did something that none of us could and now so many of us waste his work but not me, He needs me and so many others to stand as a witness for him so that all of us his brothers and sisters, not one of us will b lost. :) THis wrok is the best thing ever mommy Jones! I'm just terrified at how fast it goes by no matter how hard I try not to focus on the time and remind myself I have to go home. BUt I am super stoke to go home too, so I can learn how to live a consecrated life in the real world

Heres some pictures finally. I just get so lazy and never wnat to send them anymore.... Plus I always give the excuse that you guys already have more of them than I do so yeah sorry about that. THe flower is for CYdney. THis is the aute I have no clue what its called in english but these suckers are all over the place and in all kinds of different colors. They're gorgeous. GIrls around here and even some guys will take them and tuck them in their hair or behind their ears because theres usually always a color that fits with their outfits. I love them. :) 
THe other one is me and my comapnion on top of a hill on a new road we found this week which is shady so we're stoked to be using that one other than the onethat is just a blazing path of doom. ;) Just kidding its not that bad, I'm actually super grateful that My body isn't reacting like a fish out of water in the weather here even with sickensses too I've been so blessed. So yeah we're pumped about that new road. :) 
THese two little girls are pretty cheeky as the samoans would say and they just go on and on about taking pictures every time they see me. THey're cute though so I usually whip it out and we make faces and have a laugh and then we talk to their families about how to be saved and they're usually pretty receptive. :)

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