Tuesday, February 7, 2017

P-days are on Wednesday now.

The area is going alright so far I miss Nuumau a lot because the leaders in the area were super easy to work with. Here its been a lot easier. WE got here and got tons of referrals to a lot of people who will be baptized soon but the hard part of the area is that a lot of the people in the ward and the village don't really like the bishops... It makes things pretty hard.... Its pretty lame. But all these little problems I've learned finally, to not believe in there. My little saying nowadays is I don't believe in problems I believe in Christ, because when we believe in Christ and are faced with problems then miracles happen like all the BOM stories we read. Every problem turned out as a miracle that we all read and love so its all going pretty well just trying to get things working.

 Oh yeah by the way P-day got moved to Wednesday so do Tuesedays work well for you guys or no??? ;) I like it so far.

No that's all my heart is content and I'm filled with mommy and dads love that should last me another week or two. Ya see I store this stuff pretty well and ration it just in case a Monday doesn't work out I still have left over email love from my mommy and dad. :) love ya! 

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