Monday, May 30, 2016

So this week was really cool.

So this week was really cool. I have all the really good details in my print voice so be on the look out. But this week we've been working with a family that I adore. It was the first family I ever visited here in Samoa and it was struggle this last week but we got them baptized despite all the opposition. It's a really sweet week for me. I've been falling in love with these guys my whole mission so far so to see them finally accept the blessings we have been offering was awesome! I wish you guys could see their faces. THey're so happy. WE baptized the Dad, a 14 year daughter, almost 12 year old boy, then a 9 and 8 year old. They're my homies!! I can't really tell them how much I love them yet because of my samoan but I sure don't doubt that they can feel it or see it. WHo knows though maybe I;m just crazy/ ;) Plus because of a big argument the night before the baptism the wife and oldest daughter agreed to start doing lessons. I didn't expect that to happen but hey god sure was mysterious this week. I'm just stoked I got to be a part of it.
Actually too Elder Afuvai had a huge sore on his foot at the beginning of the week so we didn't get to go out at all until Thursday because his whole foot swole up really big. Wish I had pictures for you guys but really mostly for my memory. WE went to the doctors on monday and she gave us a bunch of stuff to do and not do and we sort of obeyed it. He's a ton better though so we're back to work thankfully. 
Plus we got transfer calls last night and I will be killing Elder Afuvai off. I'm pretty pumped. Hes a really fun guy.
I don't really know hwat else to say... actually this week we also did a big service project too. We picked a whole field of Peanuts for a recent convert family in another village in our district. It was pretty sweet and the lady really appreciated it. She was in tears as she thanked us because of how different the preachers, us, are in this church compared to any other over here in Samoa. 
Thats pretty much it though. All is well in Tuana`i. Be safe out there in the big and scary Amerika. ;)

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