Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1st

So this week I had my first taste of Samoan grown mangos and dang were they good! A lady named Ola gave them to us as we walked by her house on the way to a teaching appointment. WE were just walking by, waved, said hi and she ran over to stop us so that she could pick a couple mangos for us. I was pretty happy about it! I'd have pictures but Elder Redd has them all and he's gone so I'm still just waiting for an SD card...Also this week I was pretty sick on Thursday the day of our interviews with President and we didn't get to go out all day. I was so bumbed though. What I learned is that The Samoan mats are only comfortable to sleep on at night when I'm actually tired but just lounging around all day resting/ relaxing is no fun. But I do feel awesome sleeping on them! Its so cool!

Those are some pretty sweet stories for this week! I've got some big news for today too. I've got a new soa! His name is Elder Afuvai from washington and he goes home on June 16th. Its crazy the APs called us last night at like 10:45 and Elder Redd ha to start packing. I miss him a ton already but I'm stoked to be with Afuvai. He's a great Elder and I've only got a short few weeks to learn from Him so I'm going to make the most of it. :) 
Other new is that I got the MP3 and a letter from you today! Thanks!!! I'm so pumped!!! Its the new conference right? And music? :) Nice choice of Color too!!!! I love you mommy Jones! :) 

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