Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22 Email

So this week we had another baptism and it was a lot to work on because a lot of stuff tried to get in the way but it all worked out regardless. I was pretty pumped. The lady was so happy too. So at her actual baptism I was pretty nervous because she's a big lady. So the whole time before I was just saying prayers and planning out in my head how to make sure I wouldn't drop this lady in the water and man it was hilarious to hear my thoughts. I had filled the font up extra full and done all I could think of and then it came time to baptise her and It was so easy.. I couldn't believe it but I guess some or all of what I did worked because she flew in and out of the water. ;) On her way up to the font though everyone was just laughing about it who was there because thats what samoans do. I'm sure someone told a joke and then everyone stated adding on to it. This was all in whispers of course. ;) I really enjoyed it. And actually I had to redo it because her hair floated up out of the water the first time and so I held her under longer than I should of because I was so focused on her hair and forgot I was holding her under... Funny huh? She was just laughing about it the whole time. anyways though it all worked out really well. our whole district came and did a bunch of the program stuff too. This week was busy busy busy.
This week should be even more busy though because we're planning for a baptism with a family of 7 this Saturday and we're trying for another family of 6 some time in the future so we have a lot of work to do. 
Plus I got all of your letters this week too! So I'll be working on replies all week when I get the time to. 
I love ya mommy! It was a great week!

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  1. What a memorable experience! My son is on a mission in Japan with only a few months to go. Not a single baptism. There aren't many baptims there, but he's had a great experience.