Sunday, May 15, 2016

All is well in Tuanai

(Thank you so much To Sister Filipo for the photo of Robert. She is an angel ;)

So this last 2 weeks for me has been great too!!! We baptized these 2 11-year olds on Saturday and man do I love them. They've helped me a lot with my Samoan too because kids are very patient and so is my soa. :) Then for this weekend we've got another lady named ma`auga who is pushing for baptism and that's reactivating her husband Nemo. We love those two a ton as well they just have to get there marriage license and they'll be ready to covenant with God and then buy us some pizza. ;) That's a very scarce thing in this side of the world so all you palagis over there better enjoy it any chance you get because one day you might get called to serve  the Lord in the Pacific and guess what, God promises no pizza. He does promise blessing though and sometimes that blessing is a couple of Samoan style pizzas to comfort your pangs of home. ;) Elder Afuvai is a great teacher and super focused. well, we do talk a lot about home but hey, a tree can't live without its roots so we keep all you back at home in mind. Then we stay nice and nurtured and these next few weeks are all about the fruit. Thats probably a little cheesy but oh well deal with it. I really do love Afuvai though I hope president lets me kill him off before He goes home. :) 
Also yesterday we talked with a family Raynold the dad, Talameli the mom. They have 8 kids 6 above baptismal age and last night we discussed it because they're oldest 3 boys and 1 daughter has been coming to church for weeks now. They accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of this month and we're so pumped we love this family. Our last visit over there with Elder Redd I shared about dad when he was going to school and driving a taxi because the spirit put it in my mind. The purpose was to try and get him to come to church and it worked! My dad always showed his faith and was always at church. Raynold is a fisherman on a boat all week. He sleeps on the ocean and comes home Saturday nights FREAKING tired so the story pricked his heart and now he's changing.

Anyways all is well her in Tuanai and we're working hard mommy Jones. Im super glad you had a good mothers day and hope this Email is enough for ya this week. I love ya!
Love Elder Jones

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