Sunday, April 24, 2016

Great week in Samoa (week of the cyclone)

I really like these pictures. :) The one is our fancy Taco dinner at Taeipo's house. It was sooo good! Theres no such thing as Mexican food here in Samoa so that meal was very desireable and delicous to the taste. We've been talking about it for months now and it finally happened because we thought we'd get transferred but then we stayed and we're so pumped about it! :)
So the afa! It was basically just fantastic. I really had a great time! That day the hwole island seemed to be in commotion and the Ocean was angry too. You could tell cause of how it is. ;) We were out all day just working and trying our best to love the crap out of these people because we had a bit of a rude awakening at a meeting the day eofre which was actually great because we had been super troubled about it the day before. So we said a prayer about it and it got answered the next mornign at a surprise meeting with the area presidency. It was sooooooo cool!!! ANyways we were just really working on it and striving to stay focused because Elder Redd and I just talk talk talk talk talk talk... Its crazy how muc hwe can talk to eachother thsi will for only talking to eachother for over 3 months. Cool huh! Its a huge blessing! BUt once a gain!! We were focusing really hard on loving these people and I really feel like Heavenly Father gave me a pretty good glimpse of it but then the storm sent us home early. Mandated by the Zone leaders. So then we got home and decided to make a very nice soup and an even better workout. Elder Redd was the chef and I was the personal trainer. Then we just destroyed our entire bodies and even took showers outside in the rain. It was so cool!! Then when we came inside to eat water just started blowing in the window right above my bed. Basically it was just a freaking blast!!!! I'm all in for another one and sorry to cut this short but we have a family history lady waiting on us for the computer soooo I love you! I love you I love you1!!!! 
Be sure you say all your prayers all of the time and focus on loving every one. The key to that is charity so be on the knees for that like all of the time!! Also whenever you see anyone new at church just go and dump buckets of love on them because you'll always always always make the missionaries days and relive al ot of stress for them but more so you'll be bringing one of Gods lost sheep unto the fold. Until next week! 
Love Elder Jones!

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