Sunday, April 10, 2016


So first I wanted to start with a dream that I had earlier this week about you. :) It was very very fun but then I got bery sad... Let me tell ya!
So that day before the dream we had gotten a total of 8 Niu (Coconuts) given to us to dring and man I loved it! Those are like my favorite thing in Samoa! Plus today we learned how to climb them but thats a different story for ya! ANyways!!! So I don't really rembember what was goiung on in the dream but I remember just having a great time and chatting it up with ya! Then I said wait right there and I'll go grab you my favorite piece of Samoa, a niu, and I came back. Ps we're in Samoa... ;) I came back popped the top off all native like and was so proud of what I had just done for my mommy! I climbed a coconut tree, its basically like fighting a dragon for a princess, carefully picked the freshest niu, just like like jack stealing golden eggs from giants, and then presented the winnings to my mommy, the queen. I was so stoked to see your joy after drinking it! Then I was gonna give you a spood to scoop out the pe`epe`e to eat. I was on the moon! you grabbed it gave it a look and refused because you thought it was gross.... I was heartbroken!!! My own mommy wouldn't accept my greatest life accomplishment?!?!?! I was devastated. Then I woke up. So long story short when we get to come back here someday just accept the Niu even if you don't like it else I might cry. ;) I told elder Redd about it too and He try to play Joseph and interpret the dream telling me that I'm scared of my mommy not accepting me. My thought about that was, "thats dumb" but ya never know I'd be pretty sad if my mommy didn't like Nius because man do they make me happy! In fact theres two in the fridge right now waiting for us after tomorrow mornings workout! :) So remember You need to like Nius for my hearts sake. ;) 
I did get your package this week which was AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the notebooks! They'll come very in handy! :) That box was destroyed though! it looked like a bomb went off and then it sat in the rain for 2 days. the contents were alright though except nutella was all over everything. I'd recommend some tighter packing and putting any kind of liquid in ziplock bags... THanks so much though! I was so stoked!!! :) 
Holy giggles from your letters this week! Please don't stop learning Samoan!1 I love what you come up with as you speak to me! Plus byt the time the two years is up maybe we'll be able to have little conversation in Samoan! :) Sorry to hear about all the sad boy stories wearing on your poor little mommy heart. Is there any way I can help besides keep writing you? 
Also I just tried to pay tithing on here and I don't know if it will work so if not will you pay 7.50 for me. Just check Also did you make contact with any of the teachers I used to work with?
I don't really have a Samoan name because the people can Say Jones pretty well. Maybe one of these days when my Samoan is better I'll earn myself a Matai name. Its basically just a name for the high chiefs. So no name but ALL THE TIME people call me Michael Jones!!! I'm pretty sure they mean michael Jordan but man do they get a kick out of that when ever someone calls me that! It's hilarious! :) Samoans are so goofy! :) 
So the phrase vevela tamaloa I haven't ever heard before but holy smokes do you crack me up! also FYI it would be Tamaloa vevela. I just figured you'd like to know for how often you'll use it now. ;) It was great too because then I got to explain #lookwhatidid to Elder Redd! It was great! I don't know hwta he thinks of you to be honest but I don't know if my other companions along the way will understand you either. Thats okay with me because man do I love ya! You're so fun to listen to and each week I read the little letters or big ones I hear your voice, picture what you're doing, and how you say things. It's a blast so don't change it! Just keep writing me whatever way makes you the happiest because thats all that matters to me. I love ya mommy! Also no conference this weekend because the technology in Samoa isn't the best so the church sends CD's to all the stakes to watch conference on the next weekend so thats this coming weekend! I'm pumped!!!! It'll be great! 
Love Elder Jones!

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