Monday, April 18, 2016


It sure sounds like you had a great week! I'm so glad!! This week was pretty fun mo ma`ua fo`i. WE had a really good time!
The pictures are not enough. We had a bunch this week. One is from fafaga. THe family next door to our dinner appointment had a death in the family so they were doing all the faasamoa type preparations so we got a good picture out of it. Samoan deaths are nuts!! They cook a HUGE pig, make massive fine mats, give away hundreds of pounds of meat, give away money, etc... I don't get it.. In samoan its called a faalavelave or in English a disruption/disturbance. Thats exactly what it is. Samoan dies and no one has time to mourn they just have to get to work in order to be ready for the big ceremony where they give all kinds of expensive things back and forth between the families who are related... O le olaga faasamoa faapena! 
The other one is just a good glamour shot of the two of us. Elder Redd was messings with his camera while I tried to make some repairs on my shoe, its falling apart, and then I fixed it and we decided to do a little photoshoot because all of our plans kept falling through. :) It was a good time!

Here's some more stories for ya!
So at FHE last monday Taeipo told the riddle and it went like this; Theres a Fat guy a skinny guy and a train the fat guy gets on but the skinny guy can't. WHy not? We kept guessing and guessing and guessing but no one got it and then the old lady, Taeipos mom, said in here hilariously FOB english, "It's Ajawas" referring to this HUGE guy in the ward. We all were dying for a good 5 minutes or so and then we gave up on the riddle. The train is the world the fat guy is the Bible and the skinny guy is the BOM. The world accepts the bible but no one accepts the BOM. ata ata. ;) 
Also this week I heard the Be brave song come on. I don't remember where but I wrote it down so I could tell you and commend you on how brave you're beeing. :) I love ya! 
On wednesday we got fala's, Samoan woven mats to sleep on at night instea of beds but we're both waiting till transfers to switch to them because we've got not one mattress each but two. We're pretty blessed in our little house. 
So you know how you sent me a ctr ring while I was in the MTC? well I wear it everyday and I swear every day someone teases about it. THey say its from my girl back home and then Elder Redd just egges them on and I just look like a liar because I always say its rom my mom. It's a good laugh! :) 
We met this new lady this week named Lagi and she started crying when we told her that some people turn us away. hse got so saddened by it and it was so sweet! I thought it was kind of funny too because we've only been turned away like 3 or 4 times total so far. But it sure did break her little heart. :) 
We might have gotten another baby named after us. This drunk guy stopped us on the road and ask us for our names so that He could name his baby. He said He's blend the names. It was pretty interesting. :) 
Also this teenage boy stopped us to take a picture of us and then walked off. It was weird but Samoans make us feel like we're half royal and half celebrities all the time! 
Basically Samoa is just the greatest! I'm so blessed to be here and learning so much. We haven't had much success towards baptism or anything in the last two weeks but we sure are learning a lot. Plus Elder redd and I are just having a great time together. Our relationship has gotten so much better in the last two weeks we're always having a good time! 
I love it mom! 
Elder Jones

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