Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Okay so picture number one is what elder Redd did for me for easter last night. I went to take a shower before bed and came back in to all those limes and paper balls all over the house. He put samoan cents inside the paper and we used it to buy pankeke this morning. Pankeke is my favorite too! It's basically a pancake but thinner and they fry it. Or they make it into a ball. So we got a whole ton of those and dipped them in sugar for breakfast this morning. Then we hung out with the primary all day playing all kinds of games and things with them. It was blast.

Picture number two is of us next door at Taeipo's house. She's basically our mom for the area. We love here to death and she's from here but lives in Utah. At least thats where her family lives is in Utah. She's here taking care of her mom until she dies. She's a saint and we do alot with them the best of which is in and hour and half when we will be doing family night. It consists of us, her foster son from Savaii, a guy named taylor from the ward( they group up together and are really good friends), her mom, and the guy who does all the yard word named Paulo. It's heaven on Pdays ! Anyways we were over there for dinner and she made us spaghetti which was amazing. WE were very greateful.
Long story short is that we are being taken care of so well. Heavenly father has given us two Palagis a lot of expectations and we can hardly speak the language. But Every day is filled with tender mercies to always remind us that we're not alone in this great work. I love everything about Samoa. Its the place for me. 
Love elder Jones

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