Sunday, March 13, 2016

So to be honest I really have no clue what to say about this week.... I'll just go for it though..
So this week was very very rainy. I think I'll just give a little pro and cons section about the rain in Samoa...
-Pro: It's not FREAKING HOT
-Con: Somehow 75 degrees feels cold...
-pro: Its very peaceful for studies
-con: Not when it rains really hard though. then its just hard to hear.
-pro: rainbows!!! (see images below)
-pro: everyone gets free water
-pro: I don't sweat
-Con: You're wet and then you never get dry even after it rains...
Con: it puts a X2 multiplyer on the damage done to my shoes...
Con: everyone just sleeps because its raining. 
Con: showers are freezing because the water tanks don't get any sun
Con: everything gets moldy
Con: you don't want to take a shower because you don't feel dirty at the end of the day but you actually are.
Con: you still have to proselyte
Con: no one is out side.. no one...
Con: Cars splash you as they go by.
Con: The bikes fling dirt onto your shirts if you go too fast...
Con: Nothing every gets dry

So that was the week in a semi sweet nut shell. We still were happy the whole way through though. It just took some little things to keep us smiling. 

Example 1: On the 2nd day in a row of rain we both didn't really want to be wet again but weren't going to sit inside because... well we're missionaries and we have to do our job. But Elder Redd did talk us in to walking over to the store to but some rainy day comfort food which consisted of cookies made in India... and Jam from Egypt... WE still got very wet and stayed that way all day long but Heavenly father rewarded us with a great visit that night. We were able to sit down with a new investigator named Vito and help him set a plan for how he would live the Word of Wisdom. 

Example 2: After a long day of visits in the rain we came out from inside a jungley path that blocked our view of the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow! Infact it was double rain bow! :) 

Example 3: I had forgotten my umbrella at someones house and the next day the rain was light just long enough for us to get my umbrella and stay kind of dry. 

Example 4: Today we were sent Nua!!!! A little boy who speaks  some english who became our slave for a few mintues as he mopped the shower room. His mom sent him away because He was disturbing her while she was fulfilling her calling and helping someone with family history. 

God was defintely blessing us this week and trying us all at the same time. I have no doubt that He's with us every single day and I love the time I have each night to write in my journal about the hand of God in my life as we worked. 

Sorry I didn't reply to what you said very much.. I promise I did as I read it. I love you mommy Jones!!! Samoa is the place for me , at least for 2 years!!! :) 
Love Elder Jones!

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