Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 8

So heres I quick story about dogs for you all. So that week when I didn't get to eamil because the power was out for P-day, we were walking around in the rain and doing a little exploring, or as Elder Redd called it "creative finding activity" which it wasn't but still a good time regardless. Anyways after we did that we were on the way to the relief society presidents fale and the rain had stopped so both our umbrellas were put away. As we walked passed the first of their 2 buses dogs start barking and they come flying at us full speed. It's pretty typical for this to happen here in Samoa but its always a little bit more scary when the sun is already down. So these two dogs are running at us and Elder Redd lifts the umbrella from His shoulder, and lands a solid swing on the first dogs head and then they both just took off. They didn't want anything to do with us. everyone awake could hear that dog yelping pain and we both started laughing especially after he held up the pretty well bent umbrella. That was good night.
As far as the work goes we had 2 baptisms this week. both seventeen year old girls. I got to baptize them and that was a special treat for me. My favorite part of this week though was the weekend because first we baptized Agnus and Evelini, then helped confirm another primary baptism. Then on Sunday we each confrmed one of the girls which was a treat, and right after that a recent convert had us take part in his baby blessing. I've never been more happy as used my priesthood for the work of Salvation. I glimpsed into the future when I'll be called upon to do more wonderful ordinances within the priesthood and the joy that would bring. The priesthood is no doudt the power of God, and we get it at twelve because it's a journey of trust. A loving father always gives his children jobs, responsibilities, chores, and as he grows He is trusted with more and more till he recieves all the joy that the father hath. Thats why a mission is so important for us young priesthood holders because it's our chance to show God how much he can trust us and his chance for Him to teach us the way to earn His trust. It's through living a consecrated life. The mission is so cool. 

So I was curious about this. Do you see my ties all over the place at church or no?
Also I'd love to know more about Grandma's mission in Hawaii. What do you know? 
Love, Elder Jones

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