Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 7

 I have no idea why we did not get an email last week. Robert didn't share the answer. He had  a lot of emails to reply to this week and seemed to be short on time so our emails were very short. Here is and excerpt:

I love our family so much too!!! For every single one of those reasons you said! I can go anywhere, do anything, and if I'm with all you crazy kids I'll be having the best of times! :) Thanks for writing about that because those are the best emails when I get to hear that the times I enjoyed most and was the most happy are still happening without me. It doesn't make me sad one bit just more excited to add Samoa to our family expeditions! :) I'll teach you all different things that you'll love hate and be confused by that we can all joke about after I get home. It'll amplify the fun we'll have together! :)
So I am just like you in my thoughts of Samoa because what you described was my vision for what it would be like but that changed immediately. :) It could be different if I go to Savaii though. :) I'm in love with this place regardless though! :) 
We get fed Fafaga at 5 every afternoon so yes we get fed and it's always enough. Way too much actually plus the longer I'm here the more I like it. 
Yeah we have district meeting once a week but other than no its just Elder Redd and I roaming around the area. The other day we had to tell two elders that just got transferred they were about a mile outside of their area. It made me feel like less of a newbie. :) 
I think mission president and His wife are great!! I don't know much about them other than what I learned the first 2 days being in the office. President is not very organized but He will always do what the Lord wants and I have no doubt He is constantly shown what that is. That is very comforting because this mission needs some big changes and He is making that happen. There's a lot of problems with Elders doing dumb stuff and not being missionaries. I love president for what he does. His wife makes me eager to go into the office because shes a lot like you. Just a goof ball who loves everyone and doesn't really know what else to do besides love. I loved talking with her those first couple days!! It was very very sweet and plus she is just like Her husband and taught some powerful and simple truths out of the scriptures in our little meeting.

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