Monday, March 21, 2016

Samoa is the best!

So the picture with Sprocket faasamoa is your proof. The boys name is Tau and he is just a little whirlwhind always disrupting during lessons. But we love Him. One time he was running around with a little minion themed squirt gun and Elder Redd politely asked for it on our way out and then sprayed Him in the face. It was hilarious and the family was dying. another time I was playing catch with Him while we waited for Lia, his mom to come in and talk, and I hit him right in the nose with the ball which had everyone laughing again. There are like 12 kids total at that house and He's the second youngest so in Samoa that means you get all the crap until the baby grows up a little. Also you have to do all the little errands. Grab the books, bring the food, bring the Fala, take away the dishes, go pretty much anywhere and do anything someone older than you tells you to do. It's a hard life. The worst part is that everyone older than you parents you. So if you do something wrong then you hear from everyone about it.

The other one is a nice little Samoan bed i guess... It was in front of a members house under a mango tree and I needed a picture under it. Its just a coconut tree cut into 3pieces forming a T with a Fala on top of it. Plus a pillow. It was pretty cozy actually I might make one when I get home. ;) 

Other news from this week. We met with this lady we had met once at a members house during fafaga. She was interested in the church and had just gone through a lot of change in her life so we taught a little bit and then set a return date. It had been 2 weeks so we assumed she's forget but she didn't. The cool stuff is that she'd been going to church and ward activities with the family she's staying with and was even more intrigued by the gospel. She had so much more hope and happiness that day than when we first met her. It was obviously the light of the gospel filling her heart. I was so pumped until she said that she was moving so we gave her a book of mormon and the Elders Number where she'd be living. I don't doubt she'll become a member and I was blessed to meet her this week and see how much affect this gospel can really have. What I really wanted to share though was this. She's thinking of naming her son after us. So she asked for our first names right before we left and then said shes deciding what to name her son and wanted to give Him a palagi name. I'm pretty stoked! So there could be a new baby Robert or Parker in this world when 4 months is up. 

So another very foreign thing about the missionary work in Samoa is the proselyting. So in america or most other places i've heard door to door kind of work is a harsh little world with door slamming, name calling, and little success. Well here in Samoa when you first walk up to a house theres not much of a question of getting inside. All you have to do is give a little respectful speech about how sorry you are for walking stupidly over there land and ask if they have the time to talk. It's that easy. This week for instance we walked up to a random house and chose it only because they waved at us earlier. As we walked up to the fale we saw all the people inside but the old lady clean everything really fast and then run for the kitchen to make us some food. Then we say the little speech we're invited in we give another respectful speech about how righteous and holy the family and the house is they reply with the same kind of blessings for us and then the real talking begins. It's great! Then 10 minutes into to chatting with this old lady, the youngest of the family come in with 2 plates of barbecued chicken and some fa`i. We eat the food say another thank you speech and then leave. Its pretty great! we never go hungry thats for sure. 
So yeah Samoa is the best. I love you i love you i love you i love you! 

-Elder Jones

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