Sunday, June 5, 2016

6 months out

This week was pretty fun! We were doing stuff with our district all week long and man that is a blast! Monday we went into another area and played billiards at a members house, TUseday we had our Zone meeting and I got to catch up with Elder Fifita and Elder Murray which was super nice. I really love those two elders. Wednesday we went to a missionary house in Malie tai to clean up there house for the sisters that we got added to our district. That house was filthy when we started and a little dirty when we left. THe sisters complained about it but they should have seen all the junk we pulled out of that house for them! It was a pretty fun time just cleaning the crap out that house with all the district. you would have been amazed at the filth though. we were all a bit worried there was mold in the wood that they built the house with, stupid choice for Samoa, but who knows. Plus I found a sweet necklace while cleaning so i was pretty pumped! On htursday we did something that I can't remember because it feels like ages ago... but Thrusday night the ZL's gave us a call and threw on our district a musical fireside that we did last night in faleula tai. So that means that on Friday everyone came over in the morning and we pieced it all together in a couple hours. Plus that day was already going to be busy due to baptismal interviews for us and our district. My soa was pretty burnt out by all the work but we stayed happy because of all the time with the district. Then Saturday we had our baptism of these two little girls who had lost their membership records and a convert baptism in Faleula tai which no one showed up to. We were all so frustrated!!!! The attendance to the turning point of someones life was literally 8 missionaries, a bishop and 2 other members... So my invitation to you and nayone hwo gets to read this is to go and attend baptisms. It makes or breaks someones conversion into the church!!!!! A baptism should never be an empty meeting that no one really cares about. Conversion, well actually preaching the gospel is the whole purpose of the restoration. to gather israel so I may be a naive missionary but I really don't see much of an excuse not to go to a spiritually powerful 2 hour long meeting where someone steps through the door to the road of salvation. Sorry to go off about that but really it was heartbreaking at that baptism... Anyways after the baptism the ZL's came and met us at the house in Faleula tai and we practiced our songs with them for an hour before we all left for pizza with a super nice(super wealthy) member family from that area. It was awesome! That pizza was super good! Then of course Sunday was awesome. It was just a great time for me during the sacrament because this week was spiritually hard for me. I was getting pounding by temptations and had given in too many times this week so I woke up and needed that renewal of my baptism. I just knew i would feel so pure again and boy did i. It was so cool. Nothing overwhelming or emotional but the difference in how I felt from the time I got up till the end of sacrament meeting in our first ward was a dramatic difference that I won't ever forget. The sacrament is so powerful. Then of course that night we did our musical fireside all about eternal families and I felt super ready because of my Experience in the morning. It went so well! For only the 2 days we had in advance to prepare we flipping killed it and I know at least one person felt something while being there. It was meeting for all the nonmembers in the area and their member friends so it was sweet.So ya thats my week for ya! I loved it a lot.

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