Friday, December 11, 2015

Week One!

Bronwyn Younger-Howard and companion and Roberts comp Elder Kimball

Well I don't know what more to say than I'm loving this place! My companion is the perfect balance for me, my zone is 80% polys, and my district is ALWAYS together. Plus the food is great! 

So the language SUCKED to learn the first 5 or so days, but I've realized the blessing it has been to be humbled by the language. Every day starts out and I'm invigorated by the spirit as is promised for those who retire to bed and wake up early. Then breakfast only adds to that energy. But after breakfast is class... In ONLY Samoan... So of course I end up feeling like a lot great men from the book of Mormon, " in a gulf of endless misery and wo". I never realized how much it sucked to be like a toddler who's just learning to speak! Nothing is done quickly. Nothing is done Effectively. Nothing is simple besides hello (Talofa), goodbye (tofa soifua), and mommy or daddy (Soa Kimipale). It's rough to teach about the gospel using only three words.The first lesson of being a missionary is that I've got crazy respect for babies! ;) 

Anyways after that "gulf" is trodden through with all the will-power I can Muster (EVERY DAY), is a little break for lunch and then another 5 hour block of class... LOOOONNNGGGG. :) I think a lot about the promises throughout the scriptures while I'm in class because really I'm just scrounging around for any sign of hope. My life consists of this promise that I actually don't know the exact quote of but it still works, "after the trial of your faith (This is the part I don't know) your faith and capacity to serve will increase". Each day of my mission so far, which I assume will pattern the rest of it, has been examples of every promise I have ever heard, seen, or found within the scriptures. The Lord blessses me with success, usually in small degrees, because I'm doing all that I can. 

I love to be a missionary in the lords service! :) To all My boys out there; Don't miss out! You need to be here in Our glorious God's service! It is worth more than you can ever imagine.I'm in tears telling you this tender part of my testimony. I LOVE YOU GUYS! 

ps Be sure to give my mommy lots of love, and lots of opportunities to love. 

pps PLEASE DON'T give her ANY reason to worry about me. Her heart might break...again...

ppps To Ammon Davis: That means you have the precious opportunity to go ever to my house OFTEN and love her on my behalf. Much like I'm a representative of Jesus Christ, You can be a representative of me to my mommy for a while. ;)

With Love, Elder Sione! 
pppps mommy. I found Bronwyn like you told me to do. :)

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