Monday, December 21, 2015

6 weeks is tooo long!!!!!

Well first of all hello, I love you all so very much, and to Mommy Jones I'm sorry that it's after 11... :/ I'll answer all the questions I have first:
Yes you do get a christmas call from me to you on Christmas from 3:15-3:45pm. Don't be late... I absolutely got your packages and letters! They're still giving me the giggles! I lovey you mommy ! :) WE have all been enjoying the cookies and there are still some left. Along with all of the christmas stuff you sent me! The chocolate covered almonds are HEAVENLY! :) I haven't heard about my Visa, I won't worry about it though because if it comes late than its planned sinced the foundation of the Earth. This isn't my mission, it's God's.

Thats so lame about the water problems. Wish I could do something to help but I love to picture the chaos it has been causing. It makes me smile to imagine how you're all reacting to it. ;) I love how much of a goof you are to me in everything you send and say. I love it! :) :) My district thinks I spent every moment of my life buttering you up with love or something. I just told them that you understand love and they did't know how to respond. 

I'm finding out tons about how weird I am compared to the rest of the young men of the church who are my age. I don't know celebrities, innapropriate movies, sports teams of any kind, rappers, hip hoppers, <--- That's probably not even a thing, etc... etc... Plus I worked at a pre-school, know tons of scriptures, and the list goes on... I LOVE IT!

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